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Andrew Butter started off in construction in UAE and Saudi Arabia; after the invasion of Kuwait opened Dryland Consultants in partnership with an economist doing primary and secondary research and building econometric models, clients included Bechtel, Unilever, BP, Honda, Emirates Airlines, ... more


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The Shale-War Is Over?
$60 Brent by Christmas is highly probable: Next $85?
Brent To $85 By Christmas?
The Black Swan spotter, which saw the oil crash coming, now says the “Invisible Hand” will push Brent to $85 before the end of the year.
The Oil Bubble...Which Just Bust...Was Caused By Derivatives: That’s Why Shale Oil Is Finished
There are plenty of reasons put-forward for why oil prices more than halved over the past year. But no one’s talking about a bubble that bust; seems like the world is wallowing in denial.
Oil Price Ten Year Forecast To 2025: Importers Set To Receive $600 Billion Refund
Whether or not $125 Brent in 2011 and $140 Brent in 2008 were bubbles...certainly not many are talking in those terms...the price today is indeed less than half of what it was in 2011, which is pretty much what the analysis in 2010 said would happen.
When Oil Drops Below $70
Since mid 2011 oil has been in a bubble and one day Brent will go down below $70 and stay under $90 for as long as it was over $90.
July 2011 Was A Good Time To Buy Italy's Debt: The Euro Prevails, Get Used To It
I got a lot of hate mail for saying in July, 2011 that it was a good time to buy Italian debt. Finally the penny did drop and Italy, despite all the alarmist press, is not a basket case; my points then (nearly two years ago)...
1 to 6 of 6 Posts