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Intel Powered By Solid Earnings And An Attractive Valuation
Intel's stock has been consolidating in a sideways range for several months, and the area around $58-$60 per share has been a major resistance for the stock since June of 2018.
Brookfield Asset Management: Strong Value Creation In The Long Term
Brookfield Asset Management has created a massive amount of value for shareholders over the long term.
EC Markets At All-Time Highs: What It Means Going Forward
The S&P 500 index just made all-time highs above 3100 on Tuesday. Understandably, this is generating some concern among investors.
The SPY Is Rising In Spite Of Recession Risk: Here Is Why
Over the past several months, investors have been getting increasingly worried about the possibility of a recession, and some economic indicators are in fact providing reasons for concern.
A Good Time To Buy International Markets
International stocks have widely underperformed U.S. stocks in the past decade. At current prices, international markets are deeply undervalued versus U.S. markets.
A Good Entry Price In MercadoLibre Stock
MercadoLibre stock has gained an impressive 40% in the past 12 months, but the stock has also pulled back by over 30% from its highs of the past year.
Why I Own Alibaba Stock
The trade war is generating considerable uncertainty around Alibaba stock, but the company is still firing on all cylinders in spite of the challenging environment.
Why I Own PayPal Stock
PayPal stock has been quite volatile in the past year. The company is up by more than 25% year to date, but it has also declined by almost 15% from its highs.
Freeport-McMoRan: A Bullish Bet On Copper Prices
Freeport-McMoRan has been affected by weak copper prices in recent months, but management is focusing on the long term and leading the company in the right direction.
SolarEdge: Growth, Momentum, And Valuation
The market is expecting vigorous growth rates from SolarEdge, and this is reflected in valuation to a good degree. However, the stock is not overvalued if the company keeps delivering in line or above expectations.
UnitedHealth: Undervalued And Moving In The Right Direction
Looking at financial performance over the long term, management has done a great job at increasing revenue, operating cash flow, and earnings per share over the years.
Big Opportunities In Value Stocks
Value investing is one of the most renowned investment strategies, and for good reasons. The historical evidence shows that value stocks tend to produce superior returns over long periods of time, meaning multiple decades.
The Bond Market Is Saying That SPY Can Keep Going Higher
The SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) ETF is now approaching the critical price level of $300 per share, and this move has massive implications going forward.
Bullish Signals From The XLY To XLP Ratio
The consumer is a major driver for both the economy and the stock market, and the relative performance of XLY to XLP can provide valuable information for decision making.
Rotating Between SPY And IEF Based On Valuation And Fundamentals
SPY and IEF are two widely watched benchmarks for stocks and bonds. Allocation decisions among these two asset classes are a key driver of risk and reward for investors.
On Recession Risk And Portfolio Protection
Investors are getting increasingly concerned about the risk of a recession. The inversion of the yield curve and the decline in manufacturing activity are two major warning signs.
1 to 16 of 114 Posts
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