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3 Explosive Growth Stocks With Outstanding Management Teams
The market can be too short-sighted when projecting long-term growth opportunities for a business, and the best management teams can substantially exceed expectations.
A Good Time To Buy Micron
Micron is proving its ability to deliver solid performance through good and bad times. The stock is very reasonably priced if not downright undervalued.
90 Billion Reasons To Buy Apple Stock
Apple is a cash producing machine, and the company distributes massive amounts of capital to investors via dividends and buybacks year after year. Over the trailing twelve months, dividends and buybacks together amounted to nearly $90.6 billion.
Invitae: Exponential Growth In Genetic Testing
Invitae is a market leader in genetic testing, the company is growing at full speed and it has enormous room for further growth in the years ahead.
SPDR S&P 500 Hit By Coronavirus Resurgence: Keep Calm And Buy The Dip
After a huge run from the March lows, SPDR S&P 500 is showing signs of instability in recent weeks. Accelerating COVID-19 contagions in some major areas is a key uncertainty driver.
Illumina: A Growth Leader In The Genomic Revolution
The genomics revolution will offer extraordinary opportunities for growth in the years ahead, and Illumina is in a position of strength to benefit from those opportunities.
How To Invest During A Market Bubble
The economy is still in the midst of a recession, yet the S&P 500 has recovered from the March collapse, and the index is even in positive territory over the past 12 months. Tech stocks are doing even better, and the Nasdaq reached historical highs.
Unpopular Opinion: Facebook Is Undervalued
Facebook stock made historical highs this month, and the company has a huge market cap value above $670 billion. In spite of this, the stock is very attractively valued when considering the quality of the business and its long-term growth.
160 Billion Reasons To Buy Square
Square's addressable market is estimated to be $160 billion and growing. This estimate should be taken with a grain of salt, but the point is that the company still has enormous room for further growth.
CrowdStrike: Massive Growth Opportunities Ahead
CrowdStrike is a highly innovative player in endpoint security. The company is growing at full speed, and it has a lot of room for further expansion going forward.
A Good Time To Buy Roku
Roku stock has declined by almost 40% from its highs due to the impact of the recession and negative short-term news flow.
Invesco QQQ ETF: The Trend Is Your Friend
The strong rally in Invesco QQQ has caught many investors by surprise, and there is no shortness of arguments to expect another leg down in the growth-oriented ETF.
It Is Not Too Late To Buy Nvidia Stock
Nvidia is an outstanding growth business, but the stock is trading close to all-time highs. Investors may be thinking that it is already too late to buy Nvidia at these prices.
Intuitive Surgical: The Growth Leader In Surgical Robotics
Intuitive Surgical is the global leader in surgical robotics. The company has produced outstanding growth rates in both revenue and cash flow over the years.
Guardant Health: Strong Momentum And Enormous Opportunities
Guardant Health (GH) is a high growth business with enormous potential and truly disruptive technologies. A position in Guardant Health carries significant risks. However, the long term upside potential may well be worth the risk.
Screening For The Best Growth Stocks
When looking for the best growth stocks, it makes sense to focus on consistent growth leaders with a proven ability to outperform over time.
1 to 16 of 194 Posts
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