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Pinterest Down After Earnings: Buying Opportunity
Pinterest stock was crashing by 11% after earnings due to modest user growth guidance. Some kind of slowdown in user growth is natural and to be expected, but the business fundamentals remain as strong as ever.
Why I Own Palantir Stock
Palantir is a fairly unique business, the company offers both exceptional upside potential and some very singular risks.
Novocure: A Disruptive Growth Play In Cancer Treatments
Novocure stock is in a healthy uptrend, prices pulled back substantially in the second half of October, and the stock then found support near the 50-day moving average around $110 on Nov. 3.
Growth Stocks Getting Hammered: Buying Opportunity
Monday was a strong day for many sectors in the market due to the news about the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. But the gap in performance across different areas was quite staggering.
MercadoLibre Is On Fire
MercadoLibre is delivering accelerating growth and record performance in both the e-commerce and fintech segments. The company is broadening its competitive moat via the network effect and higher logistics penetration.
Fastly: The Bull Case Gets Stronger
It looks like Fastly is finally losing TikTok. This is bad news, but it is still a one-time event unrelated to the company and already reflected on expectations. The rest of the business is firing on all cylinders.
Fiverr: Accelerating Growth And Big Upside Potential
Fiverr was facing demanding expectations this quarter, but the company still managed to outperform a high bar. Growth is accelerating and profitability is clearly moving in the right direction.
Twilio: Sustained Growth Ahead
Twilio delivered remarkably solid numbers for the third quarter, especially at the top line. Dollar-Based Net Expansion Rate was particularly strong at 137%.
Etsy Is Positioned For Abundant Upside Potential
Etsy is benefiting from strong tailwinds due to accelerating demand for e-commerce during the pandemic, and management is translating these tailwinds into vigorous revenue growth and expanding profitability.
A Bullish Signal For SPDR S&P 500
The widely followed SPDR S&P 500 (SPY) is caught between cross-currents nowadays.
Fastly: Keep Calm And Be Patient
Fastly stock is crashing, and this seems more like a temporary setback than anything else. Reduced guidance is probably backward-looking information because of the uncertainty affecting TikTok in recent months.
3 Reasons Why I Own Pinterest Stock
Pinterest is building a unique brand in social media. The company has enormous room for growth in both advertising and e-commerce. It is moving in the right direction with accelerating international growth and healthy engagement.
Market Outlook: Forget About Political Noise And Follow The Data
The market has been dancing to the tune of political developments. The coronavirus stimulus negotiations are having an impact on prices in the short term, and investors are worried about the elections and what they could mean for the stock market.
Redfin: A Disruptive Growth Play In Real Estate
Technology is transforming industries such as communications, entertainment, enterprise management, and commerce. The real estate sector is now poised for disruption, too, and Redfin​​ could benefit from exponential growth opportunities due to this.
3 Reasons Why I Own Amazon
Amazon has crushed the market in the long term due to the company's rock-solid competitive strength in a high growth market.
A Good Time To Buy Ishares U.S. Home Construction ETF
The supply and demand dynamic in housing is aggressively bullish. The iShares U.S. Home Construction ETF is breaking away to all-time highs and delivering outstanding relative strength.
1 to 16 of 236 Posts
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