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Nvidia: Strong Fundamentals And Reasonable Valuation
Nvidia is a unique company due to its leading presence across several of the most important trends in technology, offering exponential growth opportunities over the years ahead.
CrowdStrike By The Numbers: Profitability, Growth, And Valuation
CrowdStrike is a notably clean investment case from a quantitative point of view.
Amazon: Accelerating Cash Flows And Attractive Valuation
Amazon is a high-quality business with rock-solid competitive strength, outstanding execution at scale, expanding cash flows, plenty of growth opportunities, and trading at an attractive valuation.
Marqeta: Excellent Numbers And Cheap Valuation
Marqeta is delivering excellent numbers across the board. The company is a picks-and-shovels play in fintech, with massive potential for long-term growth.
Airbnb: Being Greedy When Others Are Fearful
First the pandemic and now the Ukraine invasion, Airbnb is facing a series of unprecedented challenges.
Block Stock: Excellent Numbers And Cheap Valuation
Block is delivering vigorous growth in spite of tough year-over-year comparisons.
Roku Stock Crushes: Buying Opportunity
Roku stock is getting destroyed: Shares of the leading streaming platform are down by a breathtaking 77% from their highs of the year.
Palantir Stock: Strong Fundamentals And Attractive Valuation
Palantir is growing very well, especially in the commercial sector, which is strategically crucial for the investment thesis.
The Bullish Case For Alphabet: Quality, Growth, And Valuation
A simple investment thesis can be particularly effective: quality, growth, and valuation are 3 key reasons to consider owning Alphabet stock for the long term.
Twilio Stock: An Undervalued Opportunity
The stock price could remain volatile as long as market conditions are challenging, but the long-term upside potential is well worth it.
MercadoLibre Stock: An Undervalued Growth Powerhouse
In a tremendously challenging environment for growth stocks, MercadoLibre is down by almost 45% from its highs of the year, trading at the low end of its valuation range for the past decade.
Positions For 2022: Outstanding Opportunities In Growth Stocks
Economic growth will probably be below expectations in 2022, and inflation should decelerate once we move beyond the supply chain problems. The macro landscape looks favorable for growth stocks once again.
Amazon Is Undervalued
Amazon is a high-quality business with rock-solid competitive strength, plenty of growth opportunities, and trading at an attractive valuation. The bullish thesis for Amazon stock looks quite strong at these levels.
Airbnb Stock: Excellent Business Model And Long-Term Upside
It is always important to be careful when investing in a relatively recent IPO such as Airbnb, as the company still has a lot to prove in terms of its ability to consistently execute in the years ahead.
Palantir: Strong Execution And Attractive Upside Potential
Palantir is a leading beneficiary from the big data boom in the years ahead. The company has a compelling business model and solid competitive strengths.
Etsy: Underappreciated Growth Story
Etsy is broadly seen as a "stay at home stock", but this perspective is too short-sighted.
1 to 16 of 252 Posts
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