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3 Reasons To Buy Emerging Markets Stocks Now
The bullish thesis for emerging markets depends on several factors going forward. If the idea is going to play out well, then emerging markets stocks need liquidity levels to remain supportive and economic growth trends to remain healthy.
Facebook Stock: Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful
In the words of Warren Buffett, the right time to be greedy is when others are fearful, and there are plenty of fears surrounding FB's stock right now.
Risk And Reward In Netflix Stock
Netflix looks well positioned for attractive returns going forward, but an investment in Netflix also carries substantial risk, so position size should be managed accordingly.
Why I Own Arista Networks Stock
Demand for cloud connectivity is booming, and Arista is doing a sound job in terms of translating its growth opportunities into growing sales and earnings for investors.
How To Beat The Market In The Long Run With Trend Following Strategies
SPY. the ETF that tracks the widely popular S&P 500 index - closed above its 200-day moving average on Tuesday. This is a widely followed trend indicator, and for good reasons.
3 Reasons To Buy Visa Stock Now
Visa (V) stock has delivered massive gains in the past decade, rising by more than 900% and obliterating the S&P 500 index in the process. However, that does not mean that the best is already in the past.
3 Biotech Stocks With Strong Quantitative Drivers
Investing in biotech stocks can lead to massive gains when positioned in the right names in such a promising industry. However, picking the best biotech stocks is much easier said than done.
3 Reasons Why Amazon Bears Are Wrong
Amazon bears mostly rely on three main arguments: valuation is unreasonable, growth is slowing down, and the company will be crushed by regulation.
Value Opportunities In International Markets
Value investing is one of the most solid and time-proven investment strategies. The statistical evidence shows that following a value investing approach can produce not only superior returns but also reduced downside risk over the long term.
Stocks Are Still Expensive And Momentum Is Negative: Be Careful Out There
Successful investing doesn't need to be too complex or sophisticated. It all comes down to relying on time-proven return drivers to make investment decisions based on solid statistical evidence as opposed to emotions and speculation.
Genomic Health Is Positioned For Strong Returns
Genomic Health is delivering solid results and benefiting from accelerating adoption, reimbursement, and revenue growth.
The Credit Market Is Sending A Bearish Signal For Stocks
There is no way to know for certain how deep or long-lasting a market correction will be, but some indicators have a solid track record in terms of predictability over the long term. Credit spreads are particularly effective in that regard.
Buying Opportunity Or Time To Sell? That's The Wrong Question
We all feel the urge to predict if the current market pullback is just a buying opportunity or the beginning of a deeper bear market. However, that's the wrong question. Here's a better approach...
3 Reasons To Buy Alphabet Stock Now
Alphabet stock is down by nearly 20% from its highs due to market weakness in the tech sector. Current valuation levels are quite attractive for such a high-quality business.
Is Now The Right Time To Buy Alibaba?
Chinese stocks have been under heavy selling pressure lately, mostly because of investor concerns about the trade war and its impact on China's economy and currency value. Alibaba stock is down by nearly 32% from its highs of the last year.
Beating The Market With ETF Rotation Systems
Investors can outperform a buy and hold strategy in the long term by implementing quantitative trading strategies based on trend following and relative strength in different asset classes and sectors.
1 to 16 of 45 Posts
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