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Technical Analysis Of Stock Market Indicates Difficult Days Ahead
Technical Analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2015 shows several signs of lower prices ahead, including a current downtrend and several spikes in heavy selling volume.
Why Is Starbucks An Attractive Stock Now?
Starbucks has had a stellar year in 2015, with the stock up roughly 48%. Starbucks investors are very happy with the performance, now the question is can that growth continue into the new year.
Does The Dip In Apple Stock Justify A Buy?
Apple has had a very mundane 2015, and the stock is flat for the year. Investors have been looking for the next breakthrough product for the past 5 years and now investors are getting patient.
Is Soda Consumption Going To Drag Coca Cola Stock?
Many investors are concerned with Coca-Cola's growth in comparison to Pepsi Co's snack business. Is Coca-Cola too boring for investors to invest in? The stock has had a nice upward trend the past couple of months, can that trend continue?
Will Declining Soda Consumption Drag Coca Cola Stock?
Coca Cola stock has run up by about 13% in the last couple of months. Soda consumption declines could hurt Coca Cola's revenue trajectory in the near term. (Video Length: 00:03:56)
Is There A Future For Yahoo Stock?
Yahoo stock is down more than 33% since the start of this year. Recently, Yahoo has been debating to sell off the core business. Does Yahoo have a future as a standalone business?
Will The Priv Prop Up BlackBerry Q3 Earnings?
Blackberry has had a very tough year with the BlackBerry stock price down 30% in the year-to-date.
Groupon Stock Continues To Roll Downhill, But Don't Get In Yet
Find out more about Groupon's issues and what makes us want to avoid the company even at the current valuations.
Globalization And Big Data Will Drive Alibaba Stock Higher
Long-term Alibaba investors should be relieved to see an end to the volatility of 2015, and looking forward to the many efforts towards globalization in these upcoming years.
McDonald's Stock - Why I'm Loving It For 2016
McDonald's financials continue to remain solid with a strong balance sheet and a respectable free cash flow. The earnings growth should be strengthened by a $20 billion share buyback program to be executed throughout 2016.
Tesla Stock Roundup - A Rewind Of 2015 And Preview Of 2016
Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA​) has had some heavy developments this year announcing the Powerwall and officially launching the Model X. However the company's stock has been flat for the year.
Should You Consider BlackBerry Stock Right Now?
BlackBerry is having trouble quantifying growth potential and BlackBerry stock has fallen consistently for the last year. BlackBerry's 200 day moving average doesn't inspire much confidence.
Is Coca Cola's Dividend Enough To Justify Its Valuation?
Many investors love Coca Cola for its 3% plus dividend yield. However, a high PE multiple leaves too much to earnings driven stock return.
Bank Of America: A Long Term Dividend Opportunity?
Bank of America has seen a number of challenges related to the financial crisis. However, with big banks being highly regulated by the federal government, could big banks like Bank of America end up like high yield utilities?
How Nike's Fundamentals Are Compelling Even In Today's Bear Markets
Nike is up 27% in 2015 - what exactly it is about the consumer section and the shoe industry that makes it so successful in a bear market, and why you could consider Nike as a long term investment option.
1 to 15 of 15 Posts