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Alternative Investments – A Field Manual
It’s not a perfect world out there and often times alternative funds are mischaracterized, misused, and not put through a rigorous enough portfolio construction process
The Short Duration Premium
The search for the source of the value premium, behavioral- or risk-based, continues with the literature providing us with findings on both sides.
Value: Don’t Call It A Comeback, It’s Been Here For Years
While a lot has changed recently (I would argue we entered a new regime in Q4 2018) the S&P 500 is up only 3% from where it was 12 months ago.
Evaluating Spending Policies In A Low Return Environment
Market behavior since the GFC and the subsequent low return environment that we have been coping with poses the question of the sustainability of endowed institutions.
An Analysis Of “Benjamin Graham’s Net Current Asset Values: A Performance Update”
The objective of this particular study was to examine the performance of securities that were trading at no more than two-thirds of its “net current asset value (NAV)” during the 1970-82 period in the US.
Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) And Factor Performance
Investors should not focus on using variables like the PMI to time factors and aim to generate higher performance, but measure when factors might become more or less risky with a focus on reducing drawdowns.


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