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This Time Is Different? Consider Quantifying Subjective Priors
"This time is different," is a sentiment that leads many investors to stray from using data analysis in their investment decision process and more towards discretionary judgment. 
Bond Ladders And Income Annuities: Simple Is Beautiful
In general, fixed income investments effectively allow investors to purchase future cash flows with a high degree of certainty. However, it is important to note this degree of certainty only applies when the investments are held to maturity.
Value Investing Still Beats Growth Investing, Historically
There are many forms of value investing and different investors have different definitions (i.e., stock pickers vs. quants).
Market Timing Using Aggregate Equity Allocation Signals
We take up the task of testing the AIAE—as well as six other indicators—using walk-forward regressions to see if it does in fact merit the title “The Single Greatest Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns.”
The ETF Store: Value, Momentum, And Launching ETFs
A discussion about the value rotation, momentum stocks, the ETF white-labeling business.
Responsible Investing: The ESG Efficient Frontier
The 2018 Global Sustainable Investment Review reports over $30 trillion invested with explicit ESG goals as of the beginning of 2018. In the words of the authors:


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