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EURUSD: Continued Flat Expected Due To US Holiday
On Thursday the 2nd of July, trading on the euro closed down by 0.10% against the dollar at 1.1239. The bulls erased the gains they made in the European session following the US employment report.
EURUSD: Correction On The Dollar Across The Market
The EURUSD pair dropped to 1.1195, but then managed to recover to 1.1238 thanks to increased demand for the euro on the crosses.
EURUSD: Pair Holding Steady Below The Balance Line
On Wednesday the 24th of June, trading on the euro closed down. The EURUSD pair dropped by 0.5% to reach 1.1250. From its high of 1.1349, the euro shed a total of 99 pips.
EURUSD: Return To The Balance Line
The bears have recovered all their losses from the previous day on the back of the euro crosses. The pair has recovered to the balance line at 1.1285.
EURUSD: Upwards Corrected Expected
Most of the majors declined over the course of last week. The biggest loser against the US dollar was the Australian dollar (-1.45%), followed by the Canadian dollar (-1.20%), British pound (-1.01%), New Zealand dollar (-0.95%), and euro (-0.30%).
EURUSD: Markets Awaiting Powell’s Speech
Yesterday, the EURUSD pair rose by 0.4% to reach 1.1339. In the European session, the pair dropped to 1.1241 before coming back with a vengeance.
EURUSD: Continued Flat To Around 1.1300
The bears missed the 135th degree by 43 pips. Because of the fact that Friday’s low was revisited, there’s now an increased risk of growth to 1.1335.
EURUSD: Sentiment On The Euro Switching To Bearish
The pair bounced from the U3 line and returned to the LB line. At the time of writing, the euro is trading at 1.1286. All the major crosses, except for the EURCHF pair, are trading down.
EURUSD: Markets Await Lagarde Speech
Yesterday’s expectations were met in full. In the European session, the pair dropped to 1.1184 before recovering to 1.1258. The gradual easing of lockdown restrictions across Europe and Asia has increased the market’s appetite for risk.
EURUSD: Bulls Eyeing Return To The U3 Line
In the Asian session, the dollar lost ground across the board. The biggest decline was seen against the Aussie dollar (-1.34%) and Kiwi dollar (-0.74%). The EURUSD pair revisited Friday’s high.
EURUSD: Price Correction Following Growth
Yesterday’s expectations of a decline were met in full. The euro-bulls easily broke through 1.0950 with some help from the crosses.
EURUSD: Technicals Indicate A Correction To 1.0920
Yesterday’s expectations were met. The pair saw sharp growth that fell just short of 1.10. As of now, we’ve had a 76% correction to yesterday’s movement. At the time of writing, the euro is trading at 1.0974.
EURUSD: Continued Growth Expected
The bulls didn’t manage to break above 1.0965 in the Asian session, there’s a risk of returning to 1.0930.
EURUSD: Bulls Trying To Strengthen The Upwards Impulse Started From 1.0766
On Friday, the pair rose to 1.0876. Since this was the last trading day of the week, we got a downwards correction ahead of the weekend. From the low of 1.0766 to 1.0876, we now have a three-wave structure.
EURUSD: Euro-Bulls Preparing An Assault On 1.0900
The EURUSD pair traded above the balance line on Wednesday. Now it’s around the 1.0900 resistance.
EURUSD: Bulls Trying To Return To 1.0900
The EUR/USD price is near the balance line (1.0840) within a range of 1.0810 - 1.0890.
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