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EURUSD - Trend Line Broken
On Tuesday, the euro fell to 1.1064 - the target was set at 1.1061. Yesterday, the trend line held back the single currency; today, sellers broke through it. The price met with the Lb at 1.1070 - the balance line acts as support.
EURUSD: Euro Recovers On Back Of News From China
By the end of last week, almost all major currencies closed in the black. The highest growth against the US dollar was shown by the New Zealand dollar (+1.22%).
EURUSD: The Euro Continues To Slide
On Wednesday the 13th of November, the EURUSD pair finished down - all attempts made by bulls to develop a corrective movement failed. At the end of trading, the euro had fallen to 1.0995, amid a general strengthening of the US dollar.
EURUSD: 1.1083 The Next Target
On Thursday the 24th of October, trading on the euro closed slightly up. The pair initially slid to 1.1093. Volatility was high during the European session as Mario Draghi gave his speech following the ECB meeting.
EURUSD: Pair Aiming For 112–135-Degree Range
The EURUSD pair has recovered to 1.1039.
EURUSD: Signs Of A Correction To 1.1140
On Thursday the 1st of August, trading on the euro closed 10 pips up against the dollar. The bulls recovered their losses incurred earlier in the day and moved into positive territory during the US session.
Tensions In The Gulf Not Helping Oil
OPEC may be doing their thing (limiting their supply) but if demand is not cooperating (by going up), the oil price will not surge.
EUR/USD: The Easter Holidays Continue
Market activity is low due to the holidays. A lot of European markets are still closed today due to Easter Monday celebrations.
EUR/USD: Bulls Have Returned To 1.13 In An Attempt To Break Through
The EUR/USD pair has again returned to 1.1314 on the back of strong Chinese GDP and industrial production data.
EUR/USD: Sideways Motion Expected Following Sharp Fluctuations
After yesterday’s intraday spike, a drop from the 45th degree to 1.1256 is expected. If the pair rebounds from here and returns to 1.1280, I expect to see a further rise to 1.1310.
EURUSD: Markets Awaiting The Labour Market Report
The drop on the EURUSD pair stopped at the 61.8% Fibonacci level of the growth from 1.1184 to 1.1255 around the 45th degree (1.1202).
Gold Heading Towards The Neckline And The 38.2% Fibo
The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 were excellent for gold, but something changed at the end of February. The precious metal is currently under heavy pressure and the outlook for the future is rather negative
USDCAD: Ready For New Yearly Highs
We’ve got a very strong bullish technical formation on the USDCAD pair; an inverse Head & Shoulders pattern. It’s been forming since the beginning of the year and at the beginning of March.
EURUSD: Pair Technically Ready For Growth
The pair is trading between the 45th degrees as it remains in a sideways trend.
EUR/JPY Breaks Out Of The Triangle, Again…
Instead of a flag, EUR/JPY ended up forming a smaller triangle; a pennant in fact.
USDCAD: Testing The Long-Term Support
USDCAD is now approaching an ultra-important long-term support. The price action in this area should determine the direction for the next few weeks or even months.
1 to 16 of 770 Posts
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