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Principal Performance Engineer
I was born in USSR. After graduation from college worked full-time as an IT specialist. Moved to US in 1996 and started investing in 1998. I had an extremely successful 1998 and 1999, very bad 2000 and 2001, then recovered. I mostly invest in what I know, which means mostly high tech companies, ...more


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The End Of Cheap Labor
Labor shortages everywhere. Not only in the US but everywhere in the developed world. Lots of blame going around. Some blame COVID-19, and some blame politicians. But the problem is much deeper than it appears at the first glance.
How To Destroy The US Economy In Three Easy Steps
Without Silicon Valley, the US is a 3rd world economy. There is nothing else that would make it outstanding in the world.
Trump Won. Now What?
During democratic presidencies stocks grow much better than during republican.
Tell Warren Buffet: I Can Sleep On His Matress
Buffet said Berkshire Hathaway is sitting with billions in euros and it would be better off stuffing it in a mattress if he could find someone to sleep on it. Well, I'm his man.
Why I Bought PayPal
I bought PayPal (PYPL) yesterday. Wanted to buy this great company for a long time, but didn't like the price. Now it looks like the price is ok.
Is It Really China?
Was this sell-off caused by China? Or maybe there are other forces in play?
Trading Around
Trades like these are the only way to make money in the current market.
Greece And The Price Of Oil
Why the current drop in the price of oil has nothing to do with Greek default.
Rearranging Fixed Income Portfolio
Why I replaced FHY with DHY (and a side note about Facebook).
Annual Growth Portfolio Review
I am reviewing my portfolio twice a year. This is the 2015 annual portfolio review, reflecting my positions, position changes and plans.
2014: My So-so Year
I had pretty good 2013, and thought what worked then would work in 2014. Wrong!
Sometimes Politicians Knows Better
The Russian market was toast even before sanctions. GDP growth for the year was expected at 0.5%. After the sanctions, there is no growth. For the year 2015, Russian officials predict GDP drop in the range of 3% to 5%.
Can't Make Money In Shipping
When analyzing any business, main attention should be paid to supply and demand in the industry, everything else comes after that. Demand might be increasing, but if supply is increasing faster, there is no money to be made.
Maybe US Isn't Turning Japanese...
Problem in Japan: link between QE and consumer debt doesn't exist. Money from Central Bank is going to banks, which repair their balance sheets, but in no hurry to lend to consumers.
Semi-Annual Portfolio Review
Portfolio goal: growth. This is a high beta, unapologetic growth portfolio with some safeguards and some boring investments. The goal remains unchanged.
1 to 15 of 15 Posts