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Alessandro holds a BA and MA in International Relations all at the University of Toronto. Alessandro has been published extensively and is a frequent guest on television news programs including the BBC, CBC, and CTV. Alessandro has worked as an industry analyst, lived ...more

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Will 2019 Be The Year Of Economic Collapse?
The interest rate alone cannot explain why 2019 could trigger a global economic collapse.
This Is The Reason The Gold Price Has Stumbled
The gold price has shown that it no longer responds to political risks alone. But if that risk starts to send jitters throughout the financial markets, gold’s appeal will be all the shinier.
Here’s Why The Oil Price No Longer Matters
The oil price is no longer a reliable barometer of economic sentiment or potential. It may be, however, a symptom of the end of one of the longest and strongest bull cycles in recent memory.
Don’t Trust The Economy Yet; A Recession Is Coming
U.S. economic growth has come at the expense of debt, which low-interest rates have made more palatable. And, there’s a catch.
This Once-Mighty Company’s Troubles Don’t Bode Well For The U.S. Economy
It’s hard to believe that GE, the darling of Wall Street in the 1990s, has inflicted a major blow to its investors. More than that, GE’s failures represent a microcosm, an example of the difficulties the U.S. economy will face in the next few years.
Support For The Gold Price Could Soon Change To A Rush For Gold
The gold price reached $1,243 per ounce on October 23, 2018. It broke through a “psychological” threshold, breaking past $1,220 per ounce, but failed to maintain the momentum.
Instead Of Boosting The Economy, This Has Increased U.S. Debt
In a mere decade, Washington achieved what should have taken at least 80 years to achieve. The U.S. federal debt (U.S. debt, for short) increased by $11.0 trillion.
Thus Begins The End Of The All-Powerful U.S. Economy
China and the interest rates are scaring investors. The U.S. economy has already started to feel the early cautionary tremors of a potentially heavy fall.
How Unintended Consequences Could Trigger A Global Economic Collapse
The price of oil, which President Donald Trump has increasingly identified as a problem, could go much higher. And it could trigger a global economic collapse.
Even If Trump Is Right, He Could Still Trigger Another Depression
The overall impression is that Trump has launched a veritable offensive against free trade itself and the principles of a free-market economy that Adam Smith outlined in The Wealth of Nations over 240 years ago.
The Long Overdue Gold Price Rebound Has Arrived
The time has come to consider unloading some stocks from your investment portfolios. As an alternative, it’s time to reconsider gold; especially because the low gold price likely won’t stay low for much longer.
Despite $1 Trillion Market Caps, A Stock Market Crash In 2019 Is Likely
Stock markets, admittedly, produce a contagious effect. A stock market crash is especially contagious.
Even In A Bullish Stock Market, This Will Cause An Economic Crisis
Trade disputes could trigger a global economic crisis. Any hope that President Donald Trump was bluffing to secure better trade terms with China has vanished.
Nothing Can Hold Gold Prices Back Any Longer
Interest rates now may not increase as much as expected. That means a few things, but as far as investing in precious metals is concerned, it suggests that gold prices will start bouncing back faster than anyone expected.
The U.S. Debt Problem Can No Longer Be Ignored
There’s a problem affecting the U.S. and world economies, which everybody likes to ignore.
A Gold Price Rebound Has Just Become Inevitable
The gold price trend simply fails to reflect its potential, given the gloomy forecasts for the U.S. economy and Washington politics in the coming days.
1 to 16 of 78 Posts
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