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Almario Alexej Alcaraz Jr. is a small investor from the Philippines. Is learning options. Is a player in the lucrative Philippine local political arena. Used to work for advertising/marketing/printing companies. Studied mathematics/advertising/computer science. Likes grinding ... more

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E Intel Processors: The Choice Of Apple And Hackintosh Computer Builders
Intel was helped by Steve Jobs' hackintosh idea. Intel is now also reaping the benefits of Apple and its imitators who favor x86 processors for Macs and hackintosh machines.
E Apple: Buy Adobe, Not Tesla
A rejection of another analyst's proposal for Apple to buy Tesla, with a suggestion for a better acquisition.
E AAPL: The IPad And The IPhone Lead In U.S. Mobile Shopping
The importance of iPhone and iPad sales in U.S. mobile shopping in relation to Apple Pay's future growth.
The Classic Can Help Continue BlackBerry's Bull Run
BlackBerry is still trading above my usual profit-taking level. I speculate that this excitement is due to the coming commercial launch of the QWERTY-style BlackBerry Classic. BBRY was also trending higher last year when the BlackBerry Z3 and the Passport was about to launch.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts