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President, Luma Financial
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Albert Lu is president at Luma Financial. Prior to that Albert served as the president and CEO of Sprott for 6 years, and served as the managing director of WB Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm. Albert is also the host of The Power Market Report, an alternative market news and opinion ... more

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He Changed His Mind On Uranium - Here's Why
Rick Rule previously had a negative outlook on the uranium market, yet his opinion has dramatically changed. In this video, we discuss why.
Big Copper-Gold In Chile: Interview With Wojtek Wodzicki
Among the elements of copper's bright future - the increasing need for copper wiring in electric vehicles.
Rick Rule: Why Should We Buy Miners?
Why buy the miners? Rick Rule explains.
How To Invest In New Discovery Plays
How to identify and invest in new discover plays?
If There Are Reserves - That's Value
Whitney George explains how his method of value investing differs from that of Warren Buffet, particularly when it comes to resource holdings.
Fed Will Continue To Raise Rates?
The Fed will continue to raise rates and stall the economy.
Why Cobalt?
Cobalt may be the beneficiary of the anticipated battery boom.
Danielle DiMartino Booth: Abject Outright Market Manipulation
DiMartino Booth, a former Dallas Morning News columnist and former adviser to the Dallas Federal Reserve, joinsme to discuss Fed Up, and the toxic culture at Federal Reserve.
Richard Maybury: Trump Will Spend Astounding Amounts Of Money
Trump will spend astounding amounts of money unless Congress saves us. What does this mean for investments?
I Study Billionaires
There are over 1,800 U.S. dollar billionaires worldwide, with a combined wealth of over US$7 trillion.
Collin Kettell: Betting Big On Yellow Cake
Collin Kettell of Palisade Global calls the bottom on uranium stocks.
Richard Maybury: OPEC– There Is No Deal?
Richard Maybury says don’t believe the news out of the OPEC talks in Vienna. Despite their claims, there will be no agreement on production cuts.
Housing Never Recovered
ShadowStats economists, John Williams, joins me to discuss the US housing market and the state of America’s declining economy.
Best Investment Ideas Aren’t Online
Chris Mayer, the chief investment strategist of the Bonner Private Portfolio, discusses the importance of seeking out new investment ideas in the field.
Clinging To Material Wealth Is Unseemly
A discussion with Doug Casey on the state of the U.S and world economies.
Michael Pento: Markets Can’t Handle Any Hikes
Michael Pento and I discuss the future of US interest rates and the consequence of a December rate hike on the US stock market.
1 to 16 of 44 Posts
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