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I received an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics & Political Science, and taught at the Kingston College of Technology, UK. 

 I sometimes write about an interest (obsession) of mine; the fraud of government bailouts of major banks worldwide. I am also the author of "more



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Chart Of The Day: Global Shipbuilding Orders Crash By 80% From Peak
7 years ago

David---thanks for your many articles that pull the cover off of the mass media headline numbers nonsense. The best indicators of the state of the world #economy are statistics such as this-shipbuilding, Baltic Index, trucking etc not the government churned out #CPI, #unemployment numbers. Thanks for great work....Alan

The Entire World Never Recovered From The Trauma Of The World Wars: Glenfiddich Inn
8 years ago

Kurt, thanks for your response. It is my intention to contact as many followers as possible with an offer to send them a complimentary digital copy (Kindle, PDF or ibook) of "Glenfiddich Inn." Even better, I won't be following up with any other emails or spam. I just want to put the novel in the hands of TalkMarkets readers who are interested in the genre. If you want a copy let me know at

Failing Welfare States: Greek Taxes & US Social Security
8 years ago

This entitlement bashing is a well oiled misdirection by the bankers and their flunky politicians in Congress. The real discussion should be, and one day will be with earthshaking consequences, the massive redistribution of income they have engineered. They love for us to have all of the dumb debates over the years about everything except their criminal participation in the ongoing looting of the Treasury. Talk about entitlements, Obamacare, illegal immigrants, ISIS, the Viet Cong, interracial marriages, abortion rights, communists in the trade unions, second hand cigarette smoke,Fidel Castro, mosques near the 9/11 long as the conversation is never about their 24/7 theft of taxpayer money they are fine with a spirited discussion about the crumbs-on-the-table entitlement "waste."

By the way I am in agreement with Peter Schiff's views on gold and the debasement of fiat currency.

I wrote several articles that have been reprinted by TalkMarkets, mostly about recurring bank bailouts since the 1980s—


Alan Geik

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