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Adrian Day has been managing portfolios at his eponymous firm since 1991.  He manages in global markets with a specialization in gold and resources, always with a focus on long-term global value.  He serves as sub-advisor to the EuroPacific Gold Fund (EPGFX). A graduate of the London ... more

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Altius: "Positive Developments All Around"
We see positive developments all around for Altius Resources; the company announced fourth-quarter revenues of almost $22 million, up 33% from the previous quarter.
An Asset Manager's Perspective On Resources | Mining Over Canada
Discussing time-tested theories on investing in 'resources' and the coming impact on Canada as a result of the regime change in the US.
A Look At Loews: The Sum Of The Parts
Loews Corp., a conglomerate run by CEO James Tisch, has seen mostly positive operating results from its holdings, particularly its largest, CNA Insurance, whose new business lines are developing well.
E Gold Royalty Companies Are Attractive Despite High Valuations
The royalty and streaming companies have a business model that offers far less risk than the mining companies while retaining much of the upside. Despite high valuations, they remain attractive investments.
E These High Dividend Stocks Are Attractive Now
Business Development Companies traditionally offer high dividends. Right now, two of the best in the sector are offering safe yields of between just over 7% and 9.6%, Others, with yields up to over 10%, can be added to a basket of these companies.
Central Banks And Their Role In Financial Turmoil
What are the causes and the effects of the policies of central banks and regulation on the economy and markets?
Two Resource Companies Advancing Toward Goals
Money manager Adrian Day discusses two companies in his portfolio that he says have had meaningful recent developments, both positive and negative, and that he deems good buys.
If You Want To Own Only Two Gold Stocks, Buy These
Franco-Nevada Corp. is the bluest of blue-chip gold companies, an originator of the royalty model for the gold industry. Royalties, and their cousin streams, provide exposure to gold mining without the high costs and risks of mining.
E Double-Digit Yield Makes Risk Worthwhile
Largely overblown concerns have driven down the prices of Business Development Companies, so that several are now yielding in the double digits. Here, we recommend one trading at an almost 50% discount and yielding over 16%.
The Next Royalty Powerhouse Is In The Making
A review and recommendation on a new company, already the third largest gold royalty company and set to become the next powerhouse in thesector.
E Buy When Others Are Selling, And Be Patient
Gold’s recent collapse has triggered some questions as to the cause of the weakness more fundamental that the extraordinary dumping of gold last Sunday night just as Shanghai was opening.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts