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Oil Surges 30% On Possible Russia-Saudi Deal! More To Come?
At the end of March, energy traders were stunned after oil prices crashed lower, posting a near 70% drop since the beginning of the year. The catalyst?
Russia Halts Record Gold Purchases! Can It Still Surge 20% Higher?
Behind the scenes in the price of gold, London dealers have been noticing unprecedented, historic events unfolding.
Global Demand In Free Fall Driving WTI Oil Dynamically Lower
Oil prices continued to drop over the course of the last few weeks. And even if WTI Oil has fallen more than 65% from its 2020 yearly highs around 65.50 USD, an even deeper drop seems very likely.
US Approves $2 Trillion Stimulus Plan! Will It Work And What's The Trade?
March 2020 is set to go down in the history books. Global stock markets crashed in what is now the fastest drop ever recorded. The Dow Jones 30 stock market index sank more than 8,000 points, or a whopping 32% in just 18 days.
After Emergency Rate Cut From The Fed: How Dovish Can The US Central Bank Be On Wednesday?
The seriousness of the situation is seen not just by the financial markets' fear index VIX hitting its highest levels since the 2008 Financial Crisis, but by the fact that this was the last time an emergency rate cut like this came from the Fed.
The U.S. Dollar Has Changed Direction And Appreciated Significantly
At the beginning of last week, the U.S. dollar turned around unexpectedly and began to rise rapidly, eliminating the losses of the last few weeks.
Saudi Arabia Triggers Oil Price War With Russia! What’s The Trade?
The oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has created some highly volatile moves across different asset classes. While volatility is still high, it's evident that some long-term trends are potentially coming into fruition.
Top Shares To Buy Following The Covid-19 Sell-Off
The coronavirus has caused global markets to plummet, with stock markets crashing 15% on Monday March 9, and oil dropping by 30%.
How The World’s Top Investors Are Responding To Coronavirus Volatility
Coronavirus fears have led to extreme volatility in the stock markets over the past month, with the Dow Jones losing nearly 6,000 points in just four weeks, or nearly 20% of its value.
Markets Plunge 15%! How Will You Trade?
The UK and US stock markets have suffered their worst days since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, plummeting by 15% on March 9.
Fed Emergency Rate Cut, But Bears Hold Equities In Their Grip – Can The ECB Help?
The drop in global equities and the German DAX continued over the last week of trading, keeping the market sentiment anxious, and it seems as if bears are still not done on the downside.
Will The Fed’s Shock Interest Rate Cut Save The Stock Market?
Central banks are becoming increasingly worried about the potential for a coronavirus 'pandemic'. As more and more cases are being reported around the world, markets have looked towards central bankers to act and support the economy.
Trading Seasonal Patterns In Precious Metals, Today: Trading Silver
Silver didn't really profit from the favorable market environment so far, compared to its positively correlated pendant Gold, Silver has been relatively weak.
Trade The DAX30 With The Open Range Breakout Strategy
After fears around the Coronavirus resulted in a short-term drop below 13,000 points, DAX30 bulls quickly regained control and the German index recovered not only most of its losses but brought new all-time highs.
Will The Coronavirus Halt Apple's Surge Higher After Sales Warning?
Apple shares stunned the market on 17 February warning they will miss their revenue targets in the second quarter due to the impact of the coronavirus.
How To Trade Seasonal Patterns In Forex, Today: The EUR/CHF
The seasonal bearish pattern developed over the last 24 years, during the time span between February 19 through 27, and gives us a chance to build a strategy to trade the EUR/CHF.
1 to 16 of 44 Posts
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