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I'm a self made millionaire and founder of Tork Media, a multi million page view ad network. I invest in small, local businesses; real estate; BTC; private equity; angel deals;


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Expanding Business Operations - Challenges And Strategies To Ensure Success
Expanding business operations is a significant step for any company aiming to grow and increase its market presence.
Building A Strong Corporate Brand Identity
Building a strong corporate brand identity is pivotal for any company aiming to establish itself firmly in a competitive market.
The Essential Guide To Business Cyber Security
In today’s digital age, the importance of robust cyber security measures cannot be overstressed.
How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Money Management
With economic uncertainty and the high cost of living, juggling various financial responsibilities can seem overwhelming at times.
Top Characteristics Of A DBA Degree
A DBA or Doctor of Business Administration acts like an engine that moves experienced professionals to the highest levels of strategic decision making and executive leadership.
Top Advantages Of Completing An MBA Online
Studying online means you are not bound to a specific physical campus. You get the freedom to manage work and life while studying at your own time.
Dominance Of The Magnificent 7: The Tech Titans Shaping 2024 Markets
The collective success of these tech titans has propelled the broader market, leading to impressive gains for investors.
Air Travel Still A Booming Industry In 2024
U.S. air carriers are investing in new aircraft and technology, with record capital expenditures forecasted.
Why Companies Are Adopting Outsourced CFO Ditching In-House Teams
An increasing number of businesses opt for outsourcing to guarantee they receive optimum value and quality in their finance functions, which is entirely justified.
Steps To Strengthen Your Employee Value Proposition
In today’s competitive world, attracting top talent requires more than just offering a paycheck. Employees seek satisfying work and recognition beyond their job role. A Gartner survey reveals a gap: 82% of employees value being seen as individuals, but only 45% feel their organizations do so.
7 Ways To Show Proof Of Income If Paid In Cash
These official documents are verifiable and useful resources for proofing income. Tax returns will indicate how much you made in the past year when filed properly.
6 Most Effective Ways To Fight Inflation
The general price level of goods and services rising steadily over time is called inflation, and it can eat away at your purchasing power and cause economic instability.
The Kitchen And Home Remodeling Market Is Growing
The global remodeling market is projected to reach $5.46 billion by 2029, and that means kitchen remodels aren’t going to slow down anytime soon.
Volatile Valuta: The Logic Behind The Changing Prices Of Cryptocurrency
It is no secret that cryptocurrency is a highly volatile matter with a certain amount of risk. But what is the exact logic behind the rapidly changing prices that characterize the market?
Trading US Futures: A Comprehensive Guide
In the complex and dynamic world of finance, futures trading represents a critical mechanism that allows participants to manage risk and access unique investment opportunities.
Will Interest Rate Hikes Force Housing Prices Lower?
As a response to inflation and concerns about the economy overall, the Federal Reserve (aka, the Fed), America's central bank and the autonomous organization responsible for our monetary policy, has committed to increasing interest rates.
1 to 16 of 40 Posts