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Adam is the President and Co-Founder of Peak Prosperity. He wears many hats, but his basic job is to handle the business side of things so that his fellow co-founder, Chris Martenson, is free to think and write. Adam is an ...more

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We're Living Through The Most Distorted Business Cycle In History
Technical analysis of the stock market.
The Stock Market Is Now A Giant Ponzi Scheme
There is a mechanical force that pushes asset prices higher as capital flows passively into the market every month.
What If A Coming Recession And Bear Market Are The Least Of Our Worries?
History is full of examples where nations resorted to taking on ever-increasing amounts of debt to maintain a positive economic growth rate. But it never works out well for those who do.
Stocks "Running On Fumes", Risk Of A 30-80% Crash
We have the most overvalued stock market ever, and the liquidity that drove it to today's extremes is starting to run out.
"It Will Feel Like A Recession" When Unemployment Hits 4.5% By Year-End
The US economy appears to be slowing down. Final Q1 GDP growth came in at just 1.4% and, as of this recording, Q2 GDP is currently estimated to be little better, at 1.5%.
Expect Market Turbulence Ahead Due To Tightening Liquidity
Running greater and greater federal budget deficits has become standard operating procedure for Washington DC.
"Massive Deviation" Between The Markets And The Economy
There is a massive deviation between stock valuations and earnings growth: growth in the former is far outpacing the latter.
We're One Bad Treasury Auction Away From Trouble
"The first rule of any fiat system is no fiscal deficit". Well, the US -- and virtually every other G7 country -- is breaking that rule six ways to Sunday
Home Prices Are Falling In More And More Markets Now
On the mean, or average, level, US home prices are at a record high. But in a growing number of markets, a number of them red-hot until recently, prices are down by double-digit percentages.
Too-High Cost Of Living Is Destroying Consumer Confidence
The majority of households are struggling under the surge in their cost of living post-COVID. Many express despair that the American dream is now beyond their reach.
Unavoidable Crisis Ahead: We Have Too Much Debt That We Can't Afford
U.S. Q2 GDP growth estimates as forecasted by the Atlanta Fed's GDP Now service are plunging. And Q1's weak reported GDP growth rate of 1.6% was revised further downwards to a paltry 1.3%.
Is A Meltdown In Tech Stocks Nearing As Doubts Of A.I.'s Impact Mount?
So far this year, the top 10 stocks in the S&P 500 have accounted for more than 76% of the index's gain.
Could The S&P Really Hit 9000 In The Next Few Years?
The markets are back at all-time highs and central banks around the world are increasingly talking of interest rate cuts...or actually making them.
The Fed Walks Back Its Interest Rate Cut Guidance (Yet Again)
The Fed lowered its rate cut forecast for 2024 to just 1. And it raised its 2025 rate cut expectations upwards from 3 to 4.
The Past 11 Times This Has Happened, We've Had A Recession
Despite the Federal Reserve's efforts to tame inflation by cooling the economy with its aggressive "higher for longer" interest rates and Quantitative Tightening, the US has managed to avoid recession.
These "Big" Energy Solutions Will Power Tomorrow's Economy
A discussion about the all-important energy market.
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