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Adam Sharp is the Founder of Early Investing, a new website and e-letter focused on equity crowdfunding. He is an active investor in more than 20 startups, including Navdy, Upcounsel, Cabify, Faraday Bikes, Addy and Respondly. A former financial advisor, he also has extensive experience in ... more


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The Real Lesson Of The Snowflake IPO
Nowadays when a really hot tech company goes public, it’s often already a big and mature business. And the majority of investors’ gains were made in private markets.
Learn How The Top VCs Choose Startups
Bessemer Venture Partners' deal memos for Twilio and Shopify make good reading.
The Fed Demands Higher Inflation
For a while now, it’s been clear that the Fed wants higher inflation. Now it’s finally starting to admit it.
The Power Of The Private Market
Two amazing American companies IPO’d in 2004 — Google, and Domino’s Pizza. It might surprise you to learn that Domino’s shares have outperformed Google’s since the IPO.
Roundup: Overvalued Stocks, Gold, And More
This has been a busy week filled with important news and information.
Don’t Fall For Day Trading
Today, the lure of day trading is stronger than ever. Stocks are being driven higher by the Fed. And trades are free on almost every big U.S. brokerage. It’s a dangerous combination.
The Fed Is Reflating The Bubble
And earlier this week something very strange happened. Bankrupt companies like Hertz, Whiting Petroleum, Pier 1, and JC Penney, all saw their shares jump higher for some reason.
Understanding The Difference Between Private Equity And Startup Investing
Investing in PE funds is actually quite a lot like investing in the stock market, but with less liquidity and more leverage (debt). It’s utterly different from investing in private startups.
The New Work-From-Home Economy
The new work-from-home trend is going to change our economy in ways we can’t even imagine yet.
Not All Hot Sectors Have Staying Power
In today’s world of quarantines and lockdowns, there’s a huge divide between winners and losers. Brick-and-mortar retail, travel, and construction are all getting hammered. But some sectors are still thriving.
Equity Crowdfunding’s Role Could Expand During The COVID-19 Crisis
Alternative sources of funding are more important than ever today. Many companies are learning that when they need funding most, they can’t count on traditional methods like bank loans.
Is Inflation A Certainty?
Things are looking pretty grim for the world economy. Production is sputtering. Unemployment is soaring. And we don’t know when the COVID-19 quarantines can safely end. But in every crisis – including this one – there are silver linings.
Is The Worst Over?
Generally speaking, stocks remain a risky place to be. It’s more important than ever to diversify into alternative assets.
Bitcoin Was Made For Times Like These
Bitcoin’s purpose is to serve as a decentralized alternative to the existing fiat money system. I believe we’re about to see exactly why this is an important and worthy goal.
Where’s The Safe Haven?
The global economy is facing unprecedented challenges. We are simultaneously experiencing a demand shock, a supply shock, a stock market crisis, and a debt crisis.
EC The Fed Vs. Fundamentals
A big drop in stock prices would send consumer spending plummeting. Companies would start having more trouble servicing their huge debt loads. And things could get gnarly for a while.
1 to 16 of 145 Posts
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