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Adam Sharp is the Founder of Early Investing, a new website and e-letter focused on equity crowdfunding. He is an active investor in more than 20 startups, including Navdy, Upcounsel, Cabify, Faraday Bikes, Addy and Respondly. A former financial advisor, he also has extensive experience in ... more


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How To Deal With Crazy-High Startup Valuations
Raising at crazy high valuations is not good for either investors or founders.
Why The Fed Is Bluffing
The Fed is feeling pressure from rising inflation. It should be raising interest rates right now. But it can’t because there’s too much debt and leverage in the system.
Market Changes Favor New Startup Investors
Seed stage valuations in San Francisco are at least 40% higher than the rest of the country on average. That’s a very significant number when you’re investing early and need your winners to hit big. 
Bitcoin 2021: Leverage, Volatility And Other Takeaways
There’s no getting around it: crypto’s recent volatility has been brutal. This correction was sharper and faster than any we saw during the 2017 bull run. 
EC AMC Illustrates Market Insanity
The hottest stock in the world is AMC. Yes, the movie theater chain. On Wednesday it was the world’s most traded stock and made up 11% of the total volume on the NYSE.
Crypto Regulation Shows Mainstream Acceptance
What an absolutely insane few weeks in crypto it’s been. All the Elon Musk drama, the Tether reserve breakdown, and now there are further signs of government regulation. 
Government Spending Means Investors Should Seek Hedges
More than a third of the entire nation’s income is currently dependent on the federal government. That number includes stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, welfare, social security, etc.
Bitcoin Is Finally Going Mainstream
Institutional adoption is happening. And it’s working out extremely well for the early firms. This will fuel FOMO from other professional investors, which could drive prices substantially higher.
Why Everyone Should Hedge Against Coming Inflation
The Fed and other Western central banks have painted themselves into a corner. Their key weapon against inflation — raising interest rates — is a no-go at this point.
Choose Startups For Tech Exposure
Tech stocks are getting eye-watering expensive.
Venture Capital Is Facing Real Competition At Last
On Monday, the SEC’s new startup investing rules went into effect. Startups can now raise $5 million annually through equity crowdfunding.
Explaining Bitcoin’s Rise From $6k To $56k In A Single Year
The broader public is finally starting to understand the bitcoin story. Why it was created. What it is trying to accomplish. And the implications all of that holds. 
Amazon’s Fake Review Problem Is An Opportunity For Disruption
There are going to be a lot of interesting attempts to grab market share from Amazon over the coming decades. It will be fascinating to see which companies find success.
Financial Rebellions: Investors Are Pushing Back
In Europe and the U.S., interest rates are lower than they’ve ever been. And they’re likely to stay that way as long as central banks can manage it. Savers are getting crushed while speculators are richly rewarded.
Silicon Valley Is Losing Dominance
For the past few decades, Silicon Valley has dominated the world of venture capital. However, Silicon Valley’s dominance has been declining for a while.
EC Most-Shorted Stocks Are Excelling Beyond Reason
Right now almost everybody’s making money in the markets (except bears). All the major indexes are basically at all-time highs.
1 to 16 of 174 Posts
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