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Adam Sarhan is the host of The #SmartMoneyCircle Podcast where he interviews large money managers for timeless investing lessons and advice. Adam is a +20 year market veteran, a Forbes Contributor, and is regularly quoted on the financial media. 

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Week In Review: Stocks End Bumpy Week Lower
The market ended a bumpy week mostly lower as the number of Covid-19 cases surged, and the Fed released the results of its big bank stress test.
Week In Review: More Stimulus Sends Stocks Higher
The market ended the week higher after the latest 1,2 punch from fiscal and monetary policy came out of Washington D.C.
Week In Review: Long Overdue Pullback Hits Wall Street
The market opened higher last week, but closed lower on very heavy volume after the number of COVID-19 cases jumped in states around the country. For the past few weeks, I’ve repeatedly said the market is overdue for a nice pullback, and here it is.
Week In Review: Stocks Race Higher, Helping The Nasdaq 100 Hit A New Record High
Stocks raced higher last week helping the Nasdaq Composite and Nasdaq 100 hit fresh record highs. The complexion changed a little as the beaten down areas of the market caught a nice bid and began to rally.
Week In Review: Stocks End Week & Month Higher
Stocks ended higher for the week and month, helping the S&P 500 jump over 4% in May. For the month, the tech-heavy Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100 continued to lead their peers and closed a few percentage points below their record highs.
Week In Review: Stocks End Week Higher, Still Below Resistance
Stocks ended higher ahead of the long holiday weekend but the S&P 500 still closed below long-term resistance.
Week In Review: Buyers Show Up After Bumpy Week
It was another wild week in the market but after everything was said and done the bulls still have the upper hand.
Week In Review: Split Tape Continues On Wall Street
The Nasdaq Composite and the Nasdaq 100 turned higher for the year as the other popular indices are still down.
Week In Review: Sellers Show Up After Long Hiatus
It was an ugly week on Wall Street. The market broke out of its latest trading range and rallied sharply in the first half of the week but sellers showed up in the second half, erased those gains, and negated the breakout.
Week In Review: Strong Weekly Close
The market fell in the first half of the week but the bulls showed up and defended the 50 DMA line for the Nasdaq and Nasdaq 100.
Week In Review: The Bulls Are Running
The market soared last week after Gilead reported effectiveness in a coronavirus drug that it has been developing. This is extremely good news and hopefully we are one step closer to going back to normal.
Week In Review: Stocks Surge As The Fed Fires Another Easy Money Bullet
Since the March 23, 2020 low, the stock market has surged nearly 30% after the government hit the market with a powerful 1 (fiscal) and 2 (monetary) punch.
Week In Review: Stocks Fell Again Last Week
Stocks fell last week after the number of COVID-19 cases topped 1 million, even as much of the developed world is effectively shut down.
Week In Review: Big Outside Weekly Reversal On Wall Street
Last week’s lows are the next area of support to watch. On a weekly basis, the market opened lower, took out the prior week’s low, then reversed and took out the prior week’s high – which is also known as a weekly outside reversal to the upside.
Week In Review: Another Brutal Week For Stocks
The market closed near the lows for the week as the market continues to plunge.
Week In Review: Market Just Hit A Bottom
The short-term trend is down as the major indices imploded in late February after fear spread that the coronavirus will cripple the global economy and spark a worldwide recession.
1 to 16 of 144 Posts
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