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A lifelong student of the markets, speculator, and investor, decades of experience have forged Adam into a hardcore contrarian. He believes in buying low when others are afraid, then later selling high when others are brave. He founded the financial-market research company Zeal LLC, and ... more

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Big U.S. Stocks’ Q2’22 Fundamentals
The fundamentals of the gigantic American companies dominating the major indices are more important than ever.
Gold Stocks Deeply Undervalued
Slammed by heavy gold-futures selling driven by an extreme parabolic US-dollar surge, the gold stocks have been largely abandoned.
Gold Stocks’ Autumn Rally 7
Gold and its miners’ stocks are reentering their strong season. That starts with nice autumn rallies mostly in August and September, normally fueled by Asian seasonal gold demand.
Gold-Stock Selloff Anomaly
The gold miners’ stocks have just been slaughtered in recent months, spiraling relentlessly lower.
Gold-Inflation Disconnect
Gold should be soaring with red-hot inflation raging, but instead, it is breaking down. This history-defying disconnect has devastated sentiment, leaving this leading traditional inflation hedge despised.
Euphoric Dollar Slams Gold
The euphoric U.S. dollar rocketing stratospheric to extreme multi-decade highs slammed gold this week. That vertical surge ignited heavy gold futures selling, hammering gold into a serious technical breakdown.
Gold Summer Doldrums 5
Gold, silver, and their miners’ stocks suffer their weakest seasonals of the year in early summers.
Gold-Stock Futures Ramp Nears
The battered gold miners’ stocks are languishing deeply out of favor again, drifting listlessly through their summer doldrums.
Topping Dollar Is Gold-Bullish
With extreme Fed tightening already slamming the stock markets into a new bear, Fed officials can’t risk further escalation.
Big Inflation Will Spur Gold
While QT2 is getting underway, even at full-speed just half-unwinding QE4 will take over two years.
Fed Reloads Gold Stocks
The Fed just reloaded gold stocks for another big run higher. Their latest bull upleg was interrupted by the Fed’s most-extreme hawkish pivot ever witnessed.
Silver Miners’ Q1’22 Fundamentals
The silver miners’ stocks collapsed from mid-April to mid-May, suffering heavy collateral damage from a serious stock-market selloff. The big fear that spawned sucked in gold, hammering silver and therefore its miners’ stocks sharply lower.
Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q1’22 Fundamentals
The mid-tier and junior gold miners' stocks in their sector’s sweet spot for upside potential have been clubbed like baby seals since mid-April.
Gold Miners’ Q1’22 Fundamentals
The major gold miners’ stocks have plunged in recent weeks, obliterating positive sentiment. They got sucked into the serious stock-market selloff fueled by extreme Fed hawkishness, which spawned big fear.
Big US Stocks’ Q1’22 Fundamentals
The fundamentals of the big US stocks dominating the major indices are more important than ever. The US stock markets increasingly look to be rolling over into a new bear on extreme Fed tightening.
Gold Investment Surging
Gold investment demand is surging as traders increasingly comprehend this leading alternative asset’s amazing fundamental backdrop.
1 to 16 of 335 Posts
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