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Adam Collins is the founder of Movement Capital, an investment management and financial planning firm in Mississippi. Movement Capital manages portfolios with strategies backed by academic research. The company also provides a number of free tools for investors and traders: Free CoT Data, Simple ... more

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Beware Of Financial Alchemy
Safe bond investments no longer offer a meaningful return. This has led to demand for “bond alternatives” with higher yields. Income-oriented investors tend to buy first and ask questions later.
Analyzing Bond Performance In Stock Corrections
Both VGIT and VTEB own intermediate-term bonds. This means they don’t implicitly bet on rates continuing to fall like long-term bond funds. Or that they bet on rates rising like short-term bond funds.
Summarizing The Case For International Stocks
Imagine you took a time machine back to 2007. This is what the rear-view mirror looked like for U.S. and international stocks...
Building A Tail Risk Hedge With Options
When it comes to protecting one's portfolio, investors are mainly concerned with equity risk. Bonds are less volatile since future cash flows are more certain.
My Trend Strategy: Process And Performance
My trend model invests in diversified stock index funds and seeks to avoid the severe losses associated with buy-and-hold stock investing. The model is based on Gary Antonacci’s published research but differs in its momentum and rebalancing criteria.
Trend Following Investing Strategies: Examining The Whipsaw
Momentum and trend following models have been incorrectly marketed as able to “earn the upside without the downside.” In practice, momentum models have historically imposed a very real cost for side-stepping severe stock losses like 2008.
Book Review: Key Takeaways From The Hour Between Dog And Wolf
John Coates, the author of The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, explains how testosterone and cortisol are the yin and yang of market sentiment.
Lump Sum Or DCA? Neither — Try VA
The two most common methods of investing fresh capital are lump sum investing and dollar cost averaging (DCA). Michael Edelson wrote about a third approach in Value Averaging.
Which Assets Have The Highest Volatility Tax?
Long-Term Capital Management grew at 30% per year from 1994 to 1997 and then dropped 92% in 1998. Investors were effectively wiped out, yet the fund’s historical average annual return is a placid sounding +5.8%.
Most Contrarian Long Trades In The World: Platinum And CHF/USD
Recent WTI moves are putting pressure on the massive amounts of speculative longs, platinum producers haven’t had this little of their future production hedged in five years.
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