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I'm a Program Manager and process design engineer at a large-cap biotech company. I love the financial world because it is like one big puzzle and I hope we help each other out to solve the puzzle to help us realize our dreams.

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Facebook: You've Got Competition
By acquiring Yahoo, Verizon is capable of collecting the ad revenues from their wireless subscribers in addition to their monthly dues.
Facebook Gains Over Past Year Are Justified Through Revenues
While revenues grew 49.2% the stock price itself moved 25.7% higher in the same time. Because of the increase in revenues I believe the increase in the stock price is definitely justified from this time last year.
Despite Privacy Issues, Here's Why I Still Like Facebook
If Facebook’s broad audience begins to feel that the company is not protecting their online privacy they will more than likely jump ship. My gut says that at least at the moment, this is still low-risk.
Gilead Crohn's Treatment Is Not The Solution To GLD Revenue Issues
Gilead is advancing a Crohn's treatment to Phase 2 but even if it passes Phase 3, it won't be the solution to GILD's problems..
Facebook’s Management Team Gets Stronger
Facebook’s (FB) management team continues to get stronger with the recent addition of Susan Taylor as the chief accounting officer.
Facebook: Nobody Can Compete
It feels as if the stock is constantly getting positive comments by analysts and Canaccord Genuity is one of those firms that showed some love for Facebook recently.
Apple: Replacing My Stock For Calls
In the wake of Apple's earnings coming due, I am replacing my stock with calls because I don't want to lose out on a move higher and I don't want to lose out on capital gains.
Goldman Sachs Stands At The Top But May Fall
The brain drain at Goldman Sachs will likely hurt the stock in the short-term.
Dividend Analysis Shows Gilead Is Undervalued
This valuation model shows the value of the dividend stream and that the stock is undervalued based on the dividend alone.
Trouble For Tesla?
This article will look at the technical analysis and issues revolving around Tesla as well as lay out a bearish options strategy which has been working thus far.
Diageo Is Not That Strong Of An Investment Right Now
Fundamentally, I believe Diageo to be fairly valued now on next year's earnings estimates and expensive on earnings growth expectations. The trend appears to be downwards for now, but I do not think it will last for long.
1 to 11 of 11 Posts