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How To Get Involved In The Drug Trade (It’s Not What You Think)
Eli Lilly & Co. (LLY), one of the world’s largest drug manufacturers, has seen its stock go nowhere for 2 years. This after Lilly was up over 350% from the bottom in 2009 through September 2015. Last week, it broke out of the 2-year base.
Invaluable Market Signal From The Value Line Geometric Index
The often overlooked Value Line Geometric Index (XVG) has advanced to all time highs. Take a look at our most recent analysis of XVG and what that means for the market.
Get Intel Inside Your Portfolio
After a two year consolidation, Intel has recently broken out absolutely and relative to the S&P 500.
Simple Market Secret: Just Look Left
With the bullish uptrend clearly outlined for both the daily and weekly time frames, we need to acknowledge trees don’t grow to the moon and markets don’t go up forever.
Forget Bitcoin. This Major Asset Is About To Impact Your Portfolio
The U.S. Dollar has dropped about 10% from late February from our risk management level of $99-$100 to our next logical level of support at the $92-$93 level. This level now represents our new risk management level.
This Stock Market Rotation Has Some Energy Behind It
After underperforming the broader market for 9 years, the energy sector has shown the makings of a trend reversal with the recent breakout of XLE.
Check Out The 4th Of July Fireworks For This Fashionable Stock
For many years, VFCorp was a leader of markets, outpacing the S&P 500 from late 2008 thru mid-2015. Since then VFCorp has experienced a downtrend. However, last week confirmed the possibility the downtrend is over and outperformance is back.
Here’s The Skinny On Long Bonds
Yesterday, TLT quickly reacted to the high of 128.57.
The Truth About This Bull Market
There is a whole lot of inaccuracy regarding this bull market. For whatever reason, people are willing to regurgitate this inaccuracy over and over again until many market participants believe it’s true.
The Correction In Tech Everyone Was Hoping For, But Won’t Take Advantage Of
The tech sector recently saw a correction in price and heavy media attention. However, the sector remains in an ongoing uptrend with defined risk management levels.
Major Sector Returning To Health (And Ready To Lead Market Higher)
Recent breakout of Health Care sector could lead the S&P 500 higher.
The Index You Never Heard Of Is Giving Important Insight
The Value Line Geometric Index provides important insight into current market conditions and movement when compared to the S&P 500.
This Important Piece Of The Market Puzzle Will Impact Your Portfolio
The Almighty Dollar, an important piece of the market puzzle, needs to prove itself before we’d consider a long position. If the selling continues, we’d expect buyers to show up near the $92-93 handle.
This Is How South Korea Could Lead Emerging Markets Higher
Recent breakout of $KOSPI, after a 6-10 year sideways consolidation, could lead emerging markets higher.
Why The Hindenburg Omen Is More Than Just A Scary Name
The Hindenburg Omen, an important technical indicator, triggered on May 4th, 2017 for both the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Composite. Here is a look into the Hindenburg Omen and how it is often misinterpreted.
One Important Divergence Bulls Need To See
With many U.S. indices recording new highs last week, we see uptrends still intact. And new all-time-highs have a tendency to make traders and investors nervous. In the end, we don’t need emotions involved in our investment decisions.
1 to 16 of 47 Posts
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