E Market Briefing For Thursday, May 27

Dynamics spurring last year's upside, mostly sputtered with sector-rotation since early February. Periodically breadth broadens out slightly and a move in unison occurs, absent sustainability. And, during intervening shakeouts, which are reflected in the Indexes, traders control their destiny at least temporarily in a sense, by buying specifically those big-cap stocks whose role, as it was last year, is to be heavy-lifters in the effort to contain a shakeout from being more.

(China, funding, obfuscation and long-haul concerns are a focus for markets too.)

Executive Summary:

  • Market meanders slightly higher, lingering beneath S&P highs, mostly dull action during a semi-holiday week for many.
  • A crucial study from Washington University suggests COVID survivors with high antibody levels (or anyone who did an antibody level test should they have been asymptomatic carriers or had mild cases barely notice).. these individuals may not need the vaccine (something I speculated about).
  • Should this be borne-out before we've had multiple rounds of universally promoted vaccinations, it will reduce the population requiring vaccination, and is more important to research now that there's some understanding of not only high antibody levels, but the risks is getting them 'too' high.
  • The actual numbers of people that harbor COVID antibodies exceed total COVID cases that were or are known, and that could mean being closer to herd immunity than generally recognized, but again that's pedestrian to a degree, because even the Stanford Study some report on, misses the key point about how people could 'think' they weren't exposed, then they get a severe vaccine reaction, because they already had very high antibodies, I realize this is subjective as most believe post-COVID vaccine is helpful.
  • Recognize that some viruses require annual flu shots (for instance), while others do not, Spanish Flu, Smallpox, Polio and others (like the Swine flu) either spread so fast to create herd immunity before more got sick, wiped out a significant portion of populations, a vaccine arrived (crisis over), the public simply retained antibodies for years or even decades (how effective those aging antibodies varies, and it's too soon to know as far as COVID).
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Gene Inger 2 weeks ago Author's comment

P.S. If anyone wants my full reports, which I'm doing having recovered from Covid a few weeks ago; kindly visit www.ingerletter.com and subscribe to The Daily Briefing. In this weekend's report I delve more into the Wuhan-gate scandle that is about to go 'full Monte'. I work diligently at this, gave the correct advice, and would appreciate your joining.

William K. 2 weeks ago Member's comment

Educational,and interesting as well. And when (IF) the actual truth comes out we will understand just how badly all of those charged with keeping the population safe failed to do that.

Certainly the virus could have been utilized as a horribly deadly weapon if that had been the intention. Instead it was a deadly plague that just escaped the lab, not a weapon deployed. And our president totally denied it existed.

Gene Inger 2 weeks ago Author's comment

Yes; interestingly I suspected from the Lab in Jan. 2020 and said so; a Chinese couple attended a seminar I gave near Disneyworld and they told me about all the people streaming out of Wuhan. And on March 23rd I nailed the low as you likely know while many were in panic; but the Fed stated their posture. In this weekend's report (only part will be posted here; the entire report and videos are sent to my subscribers) I share a bit of the Australian expose today of Dr. Fauci's connection; and no Trump was NOT briefed; but this could be a huge scandal as you say. And it comes out (and Biden switched to 'wanting' the intelligence) as of course they can't keep a lid on it forever. There are tons of intelligence on this and it came from the Wuhan lab; and even if unintentional; apparently was meant as a weapon; not as research to protect from a virus. That's a spin.

William K. 2 weeks ago Member's comment

Exactly So!!! Just like the atomic bomb would not have been "Invented" accidentally during research for atomic power.

It is so very offensive for any level of government people to lie to us to avoid getting folks upset.

It seems that they believe that we are all stupid and only they are at all smart. Orwell was right!!