E Market Briefing For Thursday, Dec. 3

Lost in space might have been the title for President Trump's little-noticed late afternoon comments today, which I haven't contemplated deeply, since it appears the 'woke censor-drive' media either barely reported it, stuck warning label captions to it, or as usual, taking ideologue positions about it (don't know and no time to review what commentators tonight ... typically not doing proper journalism right.. have to say). So why mention it here?

Just because something might, it seems, be in his mind with his reinforcing all his previous positions, disputes with others in his Administration (despite what purports to be the Dept. of Justice saying the AP distorted AG Barr's comment yesterday, and again I don't know about that, other than Trump wasn't happy, to say the least). Now the President is talking about not enough judges willing to uphold the Constitution, which is 'his' primary job. Is he preparing us for the kind of political stunner that would indeed be disruptive to civility or markets?

I definitely don't have the answer to what's in Trump's mind, or plans, if any. It is a time in the stock market where we're overbought in some areas like techs and COVID stay-home / work-from-home stocks and associated vendors. I am suspicious that President Trump (and I'm not expressing any thought about all the argued issues, which most people seem tired of and just want to go forth) may be triggered into doing some extraordinary (and viewed inappropriately) judicial move that gums-up any hope of an orderly transfer of power, for now.

Just a suspicion, no idea, and no reflection on his words. It was a 2 minute or so comment, without a real conclusion. The market itself persists as you know an with the intraweek rally, while it should show signs of modest exhaustion, at the same time the Put-Call ratio is also around levels often associated with at least a short-term topping process.

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Thanks for the interesting and insightful article. I am especially impressed with all of those "Black Box" comments,, similar to the warning black box on some medicine information sheets. It definitely provides emphasis to the statements. And the comments of attribution of this plague do make a lot of sense.

Could this whole scenario be the start of the rush towards the Judgement Day predicted in the Christian Bible? Then certainly any recovery would be totally different than what it was before.

And even if we do wind up with a good medical solution, it will not be a quick recovery. Creating the production facility for any medicine is a very complex process and operation, at best. And the logistics of inoculating the majority of the population will be quite daunting at best.