E Market Briefing For Monday, July 26

Focused Fund Flows find fulfillment hiding in big-cap techs; and only once in a while do we see the smaller stocks perk-up and participate. That's not the reflection of post-Covid optimism; because it's not post-Covid; as the Olympic frustration (not so much the players, but the hosts and even NBC) reflects.

In so many ways this Summer is particularly unique. I'd try to point that out as a reason why you could get only moderate shakeouts it seems so far at least, and not any kind of catastrophic breakdown in the Index (S&P); while the broad market would better reflect 'mass' underlying realities.

Hence it's fine to focus on social media platform advances or competition; but none of them are particularly attractively priced these days; and while always interesting to speculate or learn about technological progress; most of it won't impact their share prices that are already so high. That's even increasingly the case for big-pharma companies; less so for speculative biotechs 'when or if' a key new drug is not just revealed, but shown to have efficacy (for-instance).

Executive summary:

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Transitory inflation means that they did launch it, and it is moving right along, as planned, perhaps, or possibly faster than intended.

Unfortunately, again, but worse this time, many more families are not able to conveniently increase their incomes to compensate for the increases in cost. So damage is being done to the lower 80% of the population, and the feds do not care one bit.

Gene Inger 1 month ago Author's comment

I agree completely.. but the Fed knows the only hope is to repay debt with deprecated Dollars. Devalue purchasing power again

William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

OK, and the giants are doing OK and what about the rest? Oh Well.

Will governments force another lock down, or possibly not? What happens if a whole lot of people die? Just really wondering what would be if a third of the population died off. Aide from the personal loss of families and friends, what would happen to their wealth? Certainly the governments would swoop in to collect a lot of it, I expect. Greed does that. The world survived the 20's and kept on surviving, but of course there was no internet to instantly spread the bad news.

Gene Inger 1 month ago Author's comment

Well the Social Security trust issue would be resolved. I talk about that is an embedded video but cynically as I don’t see this as genocide endnote as Covid is a ccp bioweapon..

William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Yes, I also see the covid virus as a military weapon that leaked out sooner than intended.And now the Delta version has been released for purposes that I do not understand, except that evidently the original goal was not reached. So certainly it will be with us for a while.And if somehow a new vaccine is created, well then another virus version would be released. That is how military battles go.

Gene Inger 1 month ago Author's comment

Sad.. as I had severe Covid as you may be aware.. I’m making my small effort to retaliate verbally for the ccp attacking me personally haha

William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Probably the wisest choice by far.

And please keep up the good articles.