E Market Briefing For Monday, Dec. 14

Bubble levels exist - but they are concentrated in super-cap stocks, IPO frenzy stocks that 'pretended' to soar (as we discussed) and often sold-off; though some tanked and others didn't.

Bubbles in the credit market exist and have for months; and the same doom-and-gloom crowd around all year focuses on that. They are not wrong about the eventual price to be paid (in life and markets; including a real estate drop in more areas); but all of that as I've contended is down-the-road.

That's still the case; and worries about tax policies depending on the Senate is probably the single most crucial issue facing the market 'corporate wise'. At the same time the disparity in society can't really be tied to stocks recovering; as they had crashed just as we forewarned back in January / early February; and then turned very bullish on March 23rd; amidst max-fear. We are not so bullish now (with the game-stage for some areas) because that was time for entering and more recently time for harvesting some gains; but holding cores of stocks for which we remain optimistic.

Yes, the SPAC craze got hot; and might even be hot in good parts of 2021. In our case we did suggest (for speculators willing) the best of the bunch, which was Luminar (a private Lidar company we followed for several years); via the purchase of the SPAC if you had faith in the deal. Once it was done, media of course soared it unrealistically so we suggesting taking profits (a double/triple in 2-3 days you have too); but perhaps keeping portions.

Same for Velodyne Lidar as far as nailing down some gains on the pop (not a recent SPAC); and properly warning 'not' to get crazy. After all, it has military backing too (Lockheed) and or trucks (Ford); doing more than autonomous of course (proximity lidar can relate to guided missiles too you know). Also we have to keep in mind smaller firms like Innoviz, that have lower-priced goods that the likes of BMW are working with, which might limit the profit for others.

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