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I got into trouble with a US Zionist reader yesterday because I wrote about the rights of Arabs who wound up in East Jerusalem after being forced out of their homes in the new state of Israel. He called them “squatters”. I'm unrepentant. There is no mileage today for one-sidedness. If you need to learn more, please read the New York Times op-ed article posted today by Peter Beinert, editor of Jewish Currents. I am supportive of the State of Israel which provided refuge to my German Jewish uncle and aunt (and later 3 cousins) in Haifa, and where a female 2nd cousin became a fighter pilot trainer. But denying rights to Muslims or Bahai residents of the Israeli port city is inaccurate and encourages extremism. Arabs were ousted and given refuge in East Jerusalem because King Hussein of Jordan didn't want them there, and Golda Meir was in agreement.

For the record, a Muslim reader who identified as such sent me a note about how a burning tree in Jerusalem was misrepresented in a video clip showing Israeli celebrants dancing and singing in the Kotel plaza while a fire blazed near Al Aksa mosque. It has gone viral but was created by careful misleading photography. The same thing is used to show Palestinians dancing on rooftops as Scud missiles landed on Tel Aviv buildings, or handing out sweets in Gaza following successful Palestinian terror attacks on Israelis. Both sides do propaganda and trick photography, it seems.

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Wall Street tried a recovery today despite new statistics showing inflation risks. The Down Jones (my new joke) gained 400 points but I think the snap-back is too soon.

My deal with authorize.net to waive the fees from when our website was down because of the Blue Host fines has been overridden by my bank, JP Morgan Chase, because I think the guy doing the web order system is hoping to get money for his work this way. My bank refused to collect for this but my rep is on vacation this week and I fear the system will again turn against a small business customer. Meanwhile, our return to profit is being delayed by our inability to take on-line orders. The whole world seems to be stacked up against small businesses, even our banks. Our Mexican techies should switch to PayPal, I think.

Colonial Pipeline is up again after the company paid a handsome ransom to the bad guys. A bit less panic today over-reporting companies. There are a bunch.

*Compugen, the Israeli specialist in predictive drug discovery, reported mixed financial results for its Q1 financial results. R&D expenses hit $7.3 mn vs $4.7 mn for Q1 2020, because of more manufacturing and clinical trials. General and administrative expenses came to $2.7 mn, barely over the $2.5 mn level for the prior Q1. However, the quarterly net loss came to $9.9 mn, or 12¢/sh, up from a net loss of $7.1 mn, or 10¢/sh a year ago. CGEN has cash, cash-related accounts, and short- and long-term bank deposits totaling $119.4 mn, down from the $124.4 mn close of 2020. It has no debt.

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Frank J. Williams 2 weeks ago Member's comment

Vivian, legally the term "squatters" is quite legally accurate. You can read a clear and easy to understand explanation of the situation here: www.jihadwatch.org/.../is-israel-really-trying-to-evict-innocent-palestinians-from-their-homes-in-sheikh-jarrah

But this paragraph in the article sums it up quite well:

"The headlines from Sheikh Jarrah almost all ignore the basic facts of the issue: The buildings in question are owned by Jews and the Arab residents have refused to pay rent – even though they had agreed in a 1982 court case."

Carl Schwartz 4 weeks ago Member's comment

I assume you are referring to me and the "squatters" comment I left on your other article here: talkmarkets.com/.../a-down-day?post=311691

I still stand by that comment. I'd recommend you read Joseph Cox's article about the current situation and the comments there as well: talkmarkets.com/.../things-you-cant-see-from-there