Bubble Watch - Maybe It Only Just Started, Dow 50,000

A brief chart post of why Dow (DIA) 45,000 to 50,000 is on the table.

Many are forecasting a blow off top for stocks. This is fair, and it has happened a few times before, one lead into 1987 (first chart below, see A)  and another into 2000 (first chart below, see B and C) Dow Jones market tops.

The Detrending Price Oscillator (DPO) indicator measures price away from a simple moving average in percentage terms.

POINT: In short it measures how far the rubber band is stretched. 

Lets look at the DPO indicator. Currently today's price position is at 3 (or 60%) this is equal to prior positions of 1 and 2 (first chart below). The DPO price (3) can move all the way up to prior tops of A,B and C, to X. If this happens, it will be equal to a Dow Jones price range of 44,000 and 50,000, see X??. This a percentage gain of 25% to 45%  (current Dow Jones is 35,000).

POINT: Investors will not want to miss out on these gains.

The red cycle shown on the Dow as worked very well over 100 years, please review the red cycle high during the 1987 top, this can happen again in 2021/22. History may not repeat exactly, but it sure can rhyme. 

Chart 1 - Dow with the DPO.

Chart 2 - Price bands


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