ADRs Best & Worst Report - Monday, Nov. 7

  • The best sector in ADRs is services.
  • The top countries are Hong Kong, Norway, and Finland.

The average score across our ADR universe is 51. Scores averaged 52.81 and 52.72 over the last four and eight weeks, respectively. The average ADR in our coverage lost 0.83% of its value last week and is trading -18.27% below its 52 week high, 2.02% above its 200 dma, has 3.42 days to cover short, and is expected to grow EPS by 13.7% in the next year.

The following ADRs score best and worst in our universe.

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Services (MPEL, LFL, JOBS, ICLR, ASR, GSH, CPA), Industrial goods (KUBTY, DNZOY, GFA, HCMLY), financials (LFC, IX, HSBC, IRS, CISG, AXS), basics (SID, NHYDY, RIO, YZC, PZE), consumer goods (ADDYY, HTHIY, TTM), and utilities (SBS) score above average in ADRs. Technology and healthcare score below average.

Latin America (SID, SBS, LFL, ASR, CPA, IRS, PZE) and No. America (ECA, BCE) are the best zones. Latin America and North Asia (SMI, TSM, MPEL, JOBS, KUBTY, LFC, IX, HTHIY, GSH, DNZOY, CISG, YZC) are the top regions. The best countries are Hong Kong (SMI, MPEL), Norway (NHYDY), Finland (SEOAY), Brazil (SID, SBS, GFA), and Chile (LFL, ENI).


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Vivian Lewis 7 years ago Contributor's comment

there are no ADR from canada as they cross the border naked. There is not need for a depositary so there are no ADRs,.

Vivian Lewis 7 years ago Contributor's comment

how do you define services which seems to include railroads and airlines. Consumer goods runs from sneakers to autos. You did separate banks and insurance.

and while we are at it, how many pink sheet ADRs are in your universe?