Shaving Off Dollars From My Shaving Routine

While the majority of posts on my blog are centered around all aspects of dividend investing every once in a while I like to highlight some of my real world money saving techniques that I employ. A while back I wrote about how I saved hundreds of dollars switching my mobile service to Ting and how I saved almost $400 a year on my home phone line with Ooma. Of course, I’m writing this post on a used Dell laptop I bought on eBay running Lubuntu with Libre Office saving me untold amounts of cash by harnessing open source, free software. I’m no slave to Redmond nor Cupertino. The reality is that there are dozens of ways to save money in our day to day lives. One such daily task that has been vexing my savings is something that I know everyone, male and female can relate to. The shave.

Ahhh... the shave. That daily or near daily routine that millions upon millions of us perform to achieve that perfect groomed look. Of course, one major problem with maintaining this groomed appearance is the cost of the shave. I swear, even though I am a shareholder of The Procter & Gamble Company (PG) and love using my Gillette products, I often curse to myself each time I have to buy a replacement pack of cartridges. When did cartridges become such a valuable commodity that they are now locked up like expensive booze? In any case, one full year ago I said, ‘enough’ and set out to see if there was a better solution to my near daily shave and find out once and for all how much money could I really be saving by not submitting to my Gillette shave master.

To make a fair comparison I will include the cost of the razor handle that I had been using for a few years along with the cost of cartridge replacements. Here goes:

I have been shaving with the (old school) Gillette Sensor (Excel) Razor. I used to own the original Sensor but then “upgraded” to the Sensor Excel. The cost of the handle with three shave cartridges totalled about $20. Factor in about four 10 pack replacement cartridges I use in a year at about $12 a pack and I have a very good estimate of $68 for my first year shaving expenses. Of course, going into year two  I do not have a shave handle expense but I think you can see where this is going. My example may not be that dramatic as I have used this older razor model for many, many years but when I look around at the cost of the new Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide® Power Razor with FlexBall Handle Technology  I shudder. A single razor and blade can cost over $10!!! I can’t imagine what my annual costs would be if I used that as my primary razor. I know that it would easily be well over $100 a year. Of course, my frugal nature put the brakes on this razor insanity and I decided to look for an alternative.

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Disclosure: Long VTR, HCP, PG, CAT, JNJ.

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Duke Peters 6 years ago Member's comment

Have you tried Dollar Shave Club?

Keith Park 6 years ago Author's comment

I never tried DSC. I find it cheaper to buy a quality handle and 100 blades between $8 - $10.