The 2015 International CES: What's Coming

The 2015 International CES® (January 6-9, Las Vegas) is one of the world’s largest trade shows. Its sheer size can be daunting… over 150,000 attendees will visit over 3,600 exhibitors covering over 2,000,000 square feet of exhibit space. Where do you start? Here’s a quick overview of what to see and do, and a look at some of the most prevalent themes.

What’s Where?

This year, the show is laid out in a new way –Tech East and Tech West. Tech East (in the Las Vegas Convention Center or LVCC) focuses on the more traditional CE markets like TVs, appliances, autos, digital imaging/cameras, etc. Tech West (at the Sands Convention Center) focuses on the emerging technologies like wearables, 3D printing, smart home and similar markets. And, this year, for the first time, technology, media, marketers, content creators, and dealmakers will congregate at the Aria Hotel in the new C-Space.

Startups & Eureka Park

Start-ups will be even more important at CES this year. Four years ago, Eureka Park - the section for start-ups - had just 50 exhibitors. This year there will be 375, up from 220 last year. Some of these nascent companies will spend more attending CES than they spent to start their organizations. What makes a successful startup? As you can imagine, there are huge lessons to be learned at Eureka Park.

Hype vs. Reality

The big buzz items this year will be 4K TV (aka UltraHD or UHD), streaming capabilities and services, wearables, smart homes, smart cars, and 3D printing. Despite all the hype, the overall consumer electronics market has actually slowed down over the past few years, from growth of about 7.7% in 2011 to just about 2% in 2014.

Although they collectively represent just 3% of the total CE market, 3D printers, health and fitness devices, smart watches, UHD TVs, and smart thermostats increased sales by 240% YoY and are expected to grow another 108% in 2015. Mobile devices remain a large share of the market with smartphones and tablets making up over 35% of total CE revenue.

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Moon Kil Woong 6 years ago Contributor's comment

Sadly, not much besides hopefully increased security since Microsoft can't protect its OS correctly. Most likely 2015 will be the end of the tech/semi upcycle. The biggest change if any will be 3D printing and more medical automation much like the DaVinci system. Price here will also drop.

What the tech sector really needs is 1) another innovator like Jobs, 2) better batteries like the electric car needs too 3) denser cheaper storage that lasts which keeps coming 4) a free Internet which becomes less free every day. Sadly, I hope we all enjoy the Internet today because taxation on purchases is around the corner, government spying for our own protection and the interests of government and businesses is becoming a reality, legal restrictions are making pretty much anything proprietary and unshareable, and countries around the world are trying to block access and data to their citizens. Most likely the free Internet we have will be corrupted and destroyed like the library of Constantinople. Hopefully, at least its total destruction will happen after I die.