Upward Trend In Largest Psychedelic Compound-Based R&D Stocks Continues

The 6 largest  psychedelic compound-based research & development stocks are ranked below as to their performances this week, in June, in May, and YTD:

  1. Atai (ATAI); up 15.4% this week; down 3.9% in June; down 6.3% in May; down 33.3% YTD
    • focused on the use of ketamine*, DMT* and ibogaine*.  Go here for much more extensive information on Ketamine and here for much more extensive information on DMT.
    • current short interest: 3.6% - A high short interest signals that investors have become more bearish and may be getting ready to sell and, as such, that it may be time to liquidate a long position.
    • current price/share: $1.72
    • Read: Atai Life Sciences: Long On Money; Short On Success
  2. Mind Medicine (MNMD): up 8.2% this week; up 0.8% in June; down 7.3% in May; up 63.8% YTD
  3. Compass Pathways (CMPS): up 5.3% this week; up 12.8% in June; down 8.5% in May; up 6.0% YTD
    • focused on the use of psilocybin* (magic mushrooms) in their research. Go here for much more extensive information on Psilocybin.
    • current short interest: 14.9%
    • current price/share: $8.28
  4. Seelos (SEEL): up 3.4% this week; up 29.0% in June; up 34.8% in May; up 84.6% YTD
  5. GH Research (GHRS): up 0.3% this week; up 6.9% in June; up 32.1% in May; up 24.4% YTD
    • is primarily focused on the use of mebufotenin*, the new International non-proprietary name for 5-MeO-DMT, which stands for 5-MethOxy-N,N-DiMeThyltryptamine but is better known by its nickname, “The Toad”,
    • current short interest: 9.8%
    • current price/share: $11.87
    • Read: GH Resources: Focus On Treatment-Resistant Depression Paying Off 
  6. Incannex Healthcare (IXHL): down 3.2% this week; down 2.7% in June; down 13.0% in May; down 34.6% YTD

*Read 10 Psychedelic Substances And The 36 Companies Researching Them for a description of each of the psychedelic-based compounds mentioned in this article.


The munKNEE Psychedelic Drug Stocks Index was up 3.4% this week; up 7.1% in June, up 6.3% in May; and up 11.4% YTD.

If you are interested in this category, consider the  AdvisorShares Psychedelic ETF (PSIL) which consists of 23 such stocks - but keep in mind that the vast majority have market capitalizations of $50M or less (i.e. are nano-caps). It was down 1.1% this week; up 8.2% in June; down 1.7% in May and is down 1.1% YTD.

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