Two Technology Stocks: One For Growth One For Growth And Income

Western Union Co. (WU) and Fiserv Inc. (FISV) are two information technology stocks/companies that have both recently experienced falling stock prices. Interestingly, both companies currently offer investors similar total return potential. However, Western Union Co. offers both high current income and capital appreciation, whereas Fiserv Inc. is a growth stock offering only capital appreciation. Consequently, these examples provide an excellent opportunity to highlight the principles of investing based on the individual investor’s unique needs, goals, and objectives. Investing is not a one size fits all process. Furthermore, risk should also be a major investor consideration. Importantly, risk is a multifaceted concept which I will attempt to convey throughout the video.

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An additional benefit of covering these two technology stock opportunities is the lessons in measuring performance that they offer. I often point out that measuring performance without simultaneously measuring valuation is a job half done. The point is that I do not believe it is just enough to know what the numbers are, it is also critically important to know how and where the numbers came from. Stock prices are often pathological liars. Valuation is a measurement of the value of the business which is always a function of the amount of cash flow the entity generates on behalf of its stakeholders.

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