The COVID Conundrum For Psychedelic Stocks

There is a massive health crisis currently sweeping the planet.

Already, roughly 1 in 6 people worldwide are affected (well over 1 billion people) – and it’s spreading rapidly. No, it’s not the COVID pandemic. It’s the Mental Health Crisis. The mental health pandemic.

Check the latest global numbers on total COVID infections (including the 4 out of 5 who are already cured), and we see that only 125 million have been infected with COVID-19.

For every person who has been infected with COVID, there are ten people currently suffering from stress-related mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, substance abuse and PTSD. And the government-imposed lockdowns due to the COVID pandemic are rapidly and severely worsening this mental health pandemic.

  1. 37% of adults were reporting symptoms of depression near the end of 2020, due to COVID-related factors
  2. U.S. cases of depression have tripled during the pandemic
  3. Over half of U.S. adults were already reporting high levels of anxiety back when the pandemic first began
  4. Not only is alcohol and drug abuse rising due to COVID, the CDC reports that drug overdose deaths are “accelerating”.

In short, the mental health pandemic, which has always been much larger than the COVID pandemic, is worsening at an alarming rate.

Psychedelic drug development: as necessary as COVID vaccines

Investors in psychedelic stocks know that psychedelic drugs are not merely seen as the best hope in addressing the Mental Health Crisis. They are our only hope.

Current standards of care for (in particular) depression, addiction and PTSD are abysmal. Meanwhile, clinical studies on psychedelics-based treatments for all these disorders are yielding spectacular results.

Studies frequently report patients “ceasing to exhibit symptoms”, i.e. effective cures for these conditions. And this is a crisis that demands the immediate attention of our governments.

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William K. 2 weeks ago Member's comment

The market and need thinking seems strange to me. I seem to associate the term psychedelic with LSD and such types of substances. So evidently there is a new definition of "psychedelic " now. The descriptions of the problems brings to mind that Rolling Stones song about "Mothers Little Helper".

Of course, I define a High Stress situation as "coming under heavy automatic weapons fire, Quite different from some folks thinking.

And so I suppose that the ambient stress level in many areas is hard on some folks.