Lucky Day

Today our insurance stock Alleghany Y rose nearly 25% because it is being bought by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett's fund. That's very good news but, alas, much of the rest of the news is not good. 

A Chinese airplane crashed with 132 people on board in Guangxi. 

Russia is using hypersonic missiles in Ukraine, 4x the speed of sound. They are very destructive. 

Potash prices are rising, good for producers but not good for food consumers, which most people are.

Zelensky asked the Swiss banks to block oligarch access to their accounts. Will they give up their formal neutrality?

Rida Morna thinks we should buy US stocks and sell foreign ones. No way Jose.

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Our varied companies

*NIO will not raise its prices for electric vehicles despite what Tesla is doing. Initially, this took down the price of the Chinese car-maker but it may reverse.

*Value Line is dropping its coverage of Irish airline Ryanair and Tata Motors, both ADR shares allegedly because its US reader-investors are not international.

*Deere is creating a do-it-yourself repair kit for its tractors which should make them more appealing to farmers. DE.

*Qualcomm is creating a metaverse entity called snapdragon. Go figure.

*Vodafone VOD gained again on hopes its Vantage Telecom network towers may be divestable to partners like Cevian and others.

*BCE is boosting its divvie starting next month to 72 cents (US). It has funded its pension plan and has lower taxes up north. Value Line rates is 5, lowest rating.

I disagree of course.


Houthi tribesmen have attacked Saudi Arabian oil fields which the world increasingly depends upon with the Russki ban.

*Uranium being in focus in Russia, our Energy Fuels is up 7.2% today (UUUU).

*Earthstone Energy gained 5.26% (ESTE).

*Cameco of Canada rose6.75% (CCJ).

*Alternative fuel is also gaining, so Antofagasta is up 7.29% today (ANFGF). 

*Schlumberger Ltd is up 4.03%. SLB sells systems for finding oil and gas. SLB.

*Shell is up 2.05%. RDS-B.

*Petrobras is up 0.5%. It is my newest oil play. PBR.

*Naspers is down 4.2%. NPSNY.

*Prosus is up 5.6%. PROSY.


*Value Line will continue to cover Moderna, Novartis, and Teva, all drug makers, and biotech plays. NVS is Swiss and TEVA Israeli. Novartis is up fractionally. NVS.

*Genfit gained 5.17% today on no news I can find. GNFT.

*Novacure dropped 4.1% here but was even lower in early European trading. NVCR.

*TEVA gained about 1%.

*Even Zyme is up. ZYME.

Do not file with any entity except the lawyers over Trans-Siberian Gold as the others have high fees. I didn't know.

Disclosure: None.

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