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I don't think Google is taking revenge on France for fining it $270 mn for its dominance of online ads, but what do I know?

Today's blog is truncated because huge segments of the Internet are out of service. The web is not only subject to hacking and lack of privacy. It is also unreliable. I use brokerage accounts to find the news and today my brokerage account is kaput. I get notifications of changes in ratings for companies I own which are allegedly made hours later than now. I get news from companies I own that are inaccessible. I get a blue screen of death server error at my brokerage account now reading “500 Internal server error” but it worked earlier. We are either seeing huge volatility or bad data.

Happily, the meme system remains online with a new favorite for the juvenile investing mob, Clover Health Investments CLOV. It is a SPAC-listed firm that went public early this year and is the subject of a probe by the SEC. More healthcare news below.

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*Among the frustrations of the internet outage this morning is news about a takeover bid for our Trans-Siberian Gold listed in London, from a Russian bidder. I got into this one when I visited a fellow Harvard Russian student, Chris Ryan, in Cambridge, England some years ago. I blogged about it. To find out more please don't telephone the company which doesn't respond to calls at 441 480811871. Do not visit the downed website. Instead, write to POB 278; St Neots PE19 9EA in East Anglia, Great Britain. I am doing this after my blog is sent. Good old Royal Mail still works.

*SPDR Gold may or may not be down 0.4% but be up 97.4% from our basis. GLD.

*Kirkland Lake Gold, KL, is at $42.89 but did not trade today according to TDAmeritrade-Schwab.

More blanks

*Barry Olliffe, founder and now retired head of City of London, a fund of funds, has sold 43,000 shares in the company. We now own a copycat, Lazard, LAZ, up 0.13% and its fund of funds, Lazard Global Total Return and Income Fund, LGI, both up and down today, maybe because of the outage.

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