E HIV Cure Challenger CytoDyn Takes On Gilead Sciences

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Cytodyn's Update Provides A Clear Path Towards Approval With Up-Listing Potential Still In The Cards

  • Research supportive of initiating HIV cure clinical trial
  • Subpopulation of HIV cancer patients ideal for trial
  • Possible label expansion into other disease indications
  • Anecdotal data from trial may lead to quicker approval in other indications

CytoDyn Inc. (OTCMKTS: CYDY) announced in a Proactive Investors video a major advancement in HIV whose message may have gotten buried due to a lengthy disclosure about a fake new article that was promulgated by short seller Citron Research.

CytoDyn believes they have a cure for HIV that will work on a subpopulation of patients which may challenge Gilead Sciences (Nasdaq: GILD) and their drug vesatolimod (GD-9620). About a year ago CytoDyn brought Dr. Jona Sacha onboard as senior science advisor to spearhead their HIV cure strategy. Before he was onboarded, he was a key player in CytoDyn’s collaboration with the Thai Red Cross Aids Research Centre to study pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) of leronlimab. Sacha has been busy testing leronlimab in the lab and plans on initiating an emergency IND protocol for two HIV patients that were also afflicted with blood cancer. This type of cancer requires a bone marrow transplant and is an integral part of the cure and represents a novel approach compared to Gilead.  

Research Supporting HIV Cure

The first person to be cured of HIV over a decade ago was Timothy Brown who became known as the “Berlin patient.” Brown was afflicted with myeloid leukemia and had radiation to wipe out the rest of his T-cells before the bone marrow transplant. The theory behind Timothy’s Browns HIV cure was that he was given a bone marrow transplant from a donor who had the CCR5 delta 32 mutation. This allowed the production of new T-Cells that didn't contain the CCR5 coreceptor on the cell surface to allow HIV entry. After the transplant his bone marrow was essentially reprogrammed to only make the CCR5 delta 32 T-Cells that had no expression of CCR5 on their cell surface. People that have the CCR5 delta 32 gene do not have CCR5 receptors on their T-Cells and as a result are immune to HIV. Without a host to enter, the HIV in his system eventually worked its way out of the tissues and was eradicated. 

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Disclosure: I currently hold shares of Cytodyn.

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Moon Kil Woong 7 months ago Author's comment

Cytodyn HIV BLA in the UK news. www.globenewswire.com/.../...tion-HIV-Therapy.html

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

It looks like some patients are talking.


Trinity Sinclair 10 months ago Member's comment

Is that Charlie Sheen in the video? Had no idea he had HIV. That's a pretty big endorsement he's giving $CYDY

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

I agree. Anyways, were waiting for the FDA. Hopefully, they will not drag their heels and get this drug approved so fewer people die asap.

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment
Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

As you know Cytodyn got more money.

here is an article for those still watching this along with my recent post.:


Moon Kil Woong

Comments16616 | Following

Good article regarding what is being done during the clinical trial and why it takes time.

Note that it says, "an effective COVID-19 therapy must fulfill three roles:"

"it must quiet the cytokine storm,

it must restore the immune response and

it must shut off the virus (20:40-21.02/3:08:37)."

"Dr. Fauci and others have suggested this may take two drugs. Leronlimab accomplished all three. After seeing results from hundreds of patients over multiple weeks of therapy, Dr. Patterson is optimistic. He has observed that leronlimab may stop COVID from transforming from a viral disease into an immunological disease if administered early enough, and if administered later, repair damage from immunosuppression"

"Clinical Improvement as assessed by change in total symptom score (for fever, myalgia, dyspnea and cough) [Time Frame: Day 14]

Note: The total score per patient ranges from 0 to 12 points. Each symptom is graded from 0 to 3. [0=none, 1=mild, 2=moderate, and 3=severe]. Higher scores mean a worse outcome."

It is hopeful this will work out for all those involved, especially those infected. There is a lot of speculation that a longer trial mean bad results, however, a longer trial also shows that there is no reason to call off the trial due to bad or lack of results. One should be patient and wait for good news if possible.

As for funding, although shorts feel that this is done after the market closed for the sake of screwing them, I'm sure it is done because it was disclosed after it was secured. And yes, it makes Cytodyn's position more secure not less, even if the stock surpasses $10 a share as bears imply, lol.

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment
Andrew Armstrong 10 months ago Member's comment

Thanks. You should get him to be a contributor here!

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

Recent Cytodyn response on the Phase II trial.


Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment
Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

Some people were confused regarding the meaning of the results. Here is an article which clarifies the meaning of the outcomes.


Tracey Nichols 10 months ago Member's comment

Nice, hope to see more by you.

Stock Picks 10 months ago Member's comment

There have been a number of great plays this year, but I think $CYDY takes the cake for #PlayoftheYear

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

I think you have seen nothing yet. If it approved I think the stock should rise way over a few hundred percent.

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

Here is the latest from Dr. Nader. We are looking at unblinding next week as soon as Tuesday.


Harry Goldstein 10 months ago Member's comment

You seem very motivated on $CYDY!

Moon Kil Woong 10 months ago Author's comment

I am motivated on anything that works and is close to approval. I'm less attracted to Covid vaccine drugs because they may take years to study and see if there are long term effects and they may not work on everyone. So far such drugs don't have a great record. They are more avenues for trading than solid science (like what are the long term side effect, does it work on all the strains, what is the survivability numbers, does it mask the symptoms or actually lowers the viral load, etc.)

What is needed is drugs that can help current patients and this is one of them and I'm relaying information to those who read my article.