Delta Outbreak

Sometimes I think I need to change my name from Vivian Lewis to Cathie Cramer. It is very hard to avoid the impact of their moves on the stocks we also own. But sometimes we get in early.

Today the Delta outbreak in more than a dozen countries led to higher-priced shares in most foreign markets, Europe except for Portugal (hit by Brazil woes). Tokyo and Taiwan, which got support from Japan as Chinese warships hovered around the island, both were up.

But. Hong Kong fell on another Chinese crackdown, on children's online games, which Beijing compares to opium, surely an excessive warning. China also cracked down on the higher prices for chips for electric vehicles, arguing that the chip companies are illegally profiting from shortages. This may wind up helping my favorite player in this business

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The top market today was Copenhagen, up in double-digits and moreover boosted by a 4.5% gain by one of our shares which reported. However two drug stock in my portfolio got a boost from Jim Cramer today telling the world he likes them very much, while another fell after he warned to be careful of it.

The website is still not functional and I am terrified of flying off tomorrow without it working. I bet Jim and Cathie have tech support I lack. 

The US market was droopy because of poor private sector jobless numbers.

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Drug dealers

*The great Dane today was Novo Nordisk which reported profits and sales two ways, in Danish Kroner (DK) and Constant Currencies (CC). The drop in the greenback was critical because ours is

the leading market for NVO's line of drugs for diabetes and obesity. Sales were up 5% in DK and 9% in CC, with North America down 1% in DK but up 11% in CC. Profits were down 1% in DJ over prior H1 but up 9% in CC. Worldwide insulin and obesity care fell 1% in DK but rose 11% in CC. The main reason is that Wegovy semaglutide for treating weight gain was approved by regulators in June.

NVO also forecasts its outlook2 ways for the rest of the year: sales to rise 10-13% now vs prior forecast of 6-13%. Operating profits to be up 9-12% now vs prior 5-9%. NVO warned that if the DK rises more this will cut sales and operating profits for the rest of the year. NVO stock gained 4.9%. 

*Mr. Cramer warned to be careful of Aurinia PharmaAUPH, and the share dropped by 10.97% to $11.83. The disconnect is high. 

*However he switched to positive on Novacure, NVCR, the Channel Islands-Israeli drug firm using electricity electric charges to halt growth of cancer cells. We discovered it earlier when I went hunting for a cure for my UK cousin with pancreatic cancer, which subsequently killed her.

*TEVA gained a whopping 1,71% today and its ask is now $10.09 vs a bid of $9.85. The wide gap indicates uncertainty.

*Compugen jumped 1.66% to $6.695. It is also Israeli. CGEN.

*Dr. Reddy's rose 1.01% to $63.9. It makes drugs in India and the US is hiring RDY to help cut covid-19 in emerging markets. RDY.

*Zymeworks gained 1.1% after the market saw the data on its milestones I reported yesterday. ZYME is British Columbian and therefore reports late in the market day.


*Atlantica Yield AY, a fund invested in carbon-cutting stocks, fell because some of the offsets using trees planted in the US West Coast are burning. One affected company is BP plc.

*Taiwan Fund, TWN, is up 2% after Japan made a point of supporting the island against aggressive Chinese fishing boats in the area. 

*Sampo Oyj of Finland made a new high at $25.04, up 2.6%. I have no idea why but it is selling various banking and insurance businesses. SAXPY.


*Tesla TSLA rose and so did NIO, up 3.2% today to $46.12. Nio reported delivering 7931 electric vehicles in July, up 124.5% from prior year Tuesday, and briefly topped $45 then. Now it's real.

*My stock for the year, Cosan, fell 6.25% for no reason I can find except that it is Brazilian. CSAN


*A miner's strike in Chile against BHP's copper mine took down rival firms including our Antofagasta which also mines there. ANFGF.

*Plug Power (UUUU) reports tomorrow. James Cramer predicts it may disappoint again. 

*Prosus, PROSY a Dutch media firm that owns a chunk of Tencent TCEHY, jumped up despite the Hong Kong group again being under fire from Pres. Xi.

*South Korean Coupang recovered from its drop yesterday and is now up 1.325% at $37.54. Mr. Cramer says he likes CPNG very much. 

*Nintendo rose 1.23% to $65 and change. It makes what China considers to be opioids, gaming platforms for kids, luckily not viewed thus in Japan (where it is from) and the West. NTDOY.

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Kieran Newman 3 weeks ago Member's comment
What's yor take on the current market?
William K. 2 years ago Member's comment

Just to prove a point, talk about "how much you love" some company that you hold shares of. But don't say anything about the company, just about how much you love it. Then step back and see what happens. Don't do anything to make money from that company, just watch and see what happens. An interesting experiment that you can write about a few months after.