CPI Fireworks Told You

S&P 500 consolidated, but markets still favored a bullish resolution to today‘s CPI, which I told you about with plenty of advance warning – be it Sunday or today European morning. Sure enough there is still more to squeeze in this bear market rally, I confirmed before the CPI release. I also wrote that the Fed would as a result be challenged to back off from tightening, and the data release aftermath confirms that.

The actual 5.0% YoY headline CPI (core of course unmoved and sticky) provides plenty of bullish cover. USD is to still remain on the defensive (for now), and gold with silver would welcome that most. Still, this isn‘t yet time for a meaningful correction in precious metals – and likewise, crude oil is to remain fairly well bid. At the moment, copper is most sensitive to the deteriorating economic prospects.

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S&P 500 and Nasdaq

I didn‘t even bring up the bearish targets (applicable to medium-term as at least this week is still a bullish one) yesterday – after closing midpoint between 4,115 and 4,160s resistance, I‘ve prepared you for 4,160s to be thoroughly challenged, and here we are. The buyers don‘t look to be done, and can think about 4,188 target at their convenience (those are the keywords here – at their convenience) (chart courtesy of www.stockcharts.com), which would of course coincide with more real asset upside (all at the expense of the dollar).

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