E COVID-19 Relief Bill Passed

After showing off his ability to screw things up, Trump ended up signing the $900 bn COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress last week after saying the direct payments were insufficient. Stock markets reacted with relief, the Dow Jones gained 240 points on a Monday without a new coronavirus jab. But Novavax NVAX is enrolling 50,000 US and Mexican volunteers for its phase III warp speed-funded trial.

There will be no blog Tuesday. I'm again seeing my ob-gyn without waiting in a crowded room risking infection, why you got or will get a Sunday blog, depending on if you are my subscriber or not.

At the year's end, people tend to stick with established trends.

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*Banco Santander fell 1.25% in Spain today after rising Xmas eve because Brexit may not be pain and trouble-free. SAN is the main EU bank in Britain and a key London trade but today is boxing day. l

*However Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterieur BLX of Panama rose 2.02% later halved.

*Bank of Nova Scotia, which is active in Latin America, BNS. gained 1%.

*Sampo Oij SAXPY reported to the SEC that BlackRock, a US institutional investor, now owns less than 5% of its shares and voting rights, at 4.99%, thereby avoiding Finnish taxes on holdings in the fund manager. It lent out 2% of the shares it held before to cut its stake, but not the ADRs. Rival Investor A/B of Sweden was flat.

*No, Virginia, the focus of Xi Zinping on the dangers of Alibaba to the Chinese banking system is not wrongly hurting other Chinese tech stocks listed in Hong Kong. China has made it quite clear that it will block critics from the ex-British colony despite having signed a deal to do so 27 years ago. Moreover, despite its good results to date, China faces a new outbreak of COVID-19 in Beijing. Xi is perfectly capable of cutting off his nose to spite his face, as it comes with being a Chinese communist. Recall the horrors perpetrated by Mao. More on China plays below.

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Flat Broke 3 weeks ago Member's comment

Thank God. I can't believe #Trump decided to initially go play golf rather than sign this bill and leave us all in limbo. The anxiety he put millions of Americans through is unconscionable. This man is not fit to serve.