Clinical-Stage BioTech Drug Stocks Portfolio Went Down 9% Last Week

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An Introduction

This article highlights the 10 clinical-stage AI-powered (designated with *) and psychedelic compound-based (designated with **)  small cap ($400M to $2.0B) drug discovery companies in the munKNEE Clinical-Stage BioTech Drug Stocks Portfolio, their stock performances last week and so far in April (MTD), and their areas of focus.

  1.  **GH Research (GHRS): DOWN 1.4% last week; UP 3.5% MTD. 
    • focuses on the use of mebufotenin, the new International non-proprietary name for 5-MeO-DMT, which stands for 5-MethOxy-N,N-DiMeThyltryptamine. Go here for much more extensive information on DMT.
  2. **Compass Pathways (CMPS): DOWN 3.2% last week; UP 0.7% MTD
    • focuses on the use of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) in their research. Go here for much more extensive information on Psilocybin.
  3. *Schrödinger (SDGR): DOWN 8.2% last week; DOWN 10.0% MTD
    • specializes in offering solutions for both small molecule discovery and biologics discovery focusing on structure prediction and protein engineering, including antibody modeling.
  4. *Exscientia (EXAI): DOWN 8.2% last week; DOWN 10.0% MTD
    • reported the first AI-designed drug candidate to enter clinical trials and is collaborating with Bristol-Myers Squibb on a handful of drug candidates and has partnered with Sanofi, GSK and PathAI on drug discovery projects.
  5. **Mind Medicine (MNMD): DOWN 10.2% last week; DOWN 7.7% MTD
    • focuses on the use of LSD and MNMA. Go here for much more extensive information on LSD and here for much more extensive information on MNMA.
  6. *AbCellera Biologics (ABCL): DOWN 10.8% last week; DOWN 13.8% MTD
    • develops antibody therapeutics and then outsources their initial findings to their partners for further drug discovery.
  7. *Recursion Pharmaceuticals (RXRX): DOWN 12.6% last week; DOWN 26.3% MTD
    • has one of the world’s most extensive biological and chemical datasets and has several compounds in phase 1 and 2 studies, including a small molecule therapeutic for cavernous cerebral malformation and another for neurofibromatosis type 2.
  8. *Relay Therapeutics (RLAY): DOWN 15.2% last week; DOWN 28.2% MTD
    • specializes in developing an artificial intelligence-driven allosteric drug-discovery platform intended to detects and characterizes interactions that occur on a protein of interest and combines computational methods with experimental approaches across the fields of structural biology, biophysics, and chemistry. Its initial focus on precision oncology and genetic diseases.
  9. *Absci Corporation (ABSI): DOWN 18.2% last week; DOWN 13.9% MTD
    • focuses on antibody design, creating new from scratch antibodies (“de novo antibodies”), and testing them in laboratories in a 6-week process.
  10. **atai Life Sciences (ATAI): DOWN 19.6% last week; DOWN 6.1% MTD
    • focuses on the use of ketamine, DMT and ibogaine.  Go here for much more extensive information on Ketamine and here for much more extensive information on DMT.


On average, the above 10 stocks were DOWN 9.2% last week and are now DOWN 12.0% MTD.

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