E Cannabis Central: Non-Penny Pot Stock Index Declined 1.3% On Friday - Here Are The Major Winners & Losers

The Non-Penny Pot Stock Index (NPSI) declined 1.3% on Friday with 18 of the 39 constituents going UP, 18 going DOWN and 3 having no change in price and 5 of the 9 sector categories advanced. Below are the details.

298 cannabis companies have securities that actively trade on the various stock exchanges in Canada and the United States of which 39 (just 13% of the total) trade for at least US$1/share and, as such, are included in my proprietary Non-penny Pot Stock Index (NPSI).

Below are the price changes on the day for the few constituents that either advanced or declined by 5% or more on Friday:

The Biggest Winners

  1. Pyxus Int'l (PYX) +13.9%
  2. New Age (NBEV) +6.2%

The Biggest Loser

  1. Tilray (TLRY) -6.1%

Notable Mentions 

  • HEXO (HEXO) +10.6% (a former constituent but now trading below US$1/share.)
  • With the 19% increase in the average cannabis stock in May (see detail here) 3 additional companies are now trading marginally above US$1/share and, therefore, are technically eligible to be included in the NPSI, namely,
    1. Jushi Holdings Inc. (JUSHF), 
    2. KushCo Holdings Inc. (KSHB) and
    3. Canafarma Hemp Products Corp. (CNFA).
  • If any of these stocks are still trading above US$1/share at the end of the month they will be added to the NPSI. 

Further details regarding the current constituents of the NPSI are as follows:

  • The official definition of a "penny" stock is one that trades below US$5/share but, when it comes to pot stocks, that is where 87% of the total universe trades, so the more literal definition of stocks that trade for less than US$1/share is used.
  • In addition, the constituents operate within 9 categories, based on their primary area of focus in the cannabis industry, and the constituents within each category are identified below with how each of the 9 categories did on Friday:
  1. Cultivation & Retail Category: -0.6%
  2. Biotechnology Category: +0.2%
  3. Marijuana-Infused Products Category: +2.5%
    • The following 3 NPSI constituents are in this category, namely:  (CRLBF; NEPT; NBEV
  4. Consumption Devices Category: +4.5%
    • The following 3 NPSI constituents are in this category, namely:  (AYRSFGNLNPYX)
  5. Agricultural Technology Category: -1.4%
    • The following 2 NPSI constituents within this category, namely:  (GRWGVFF)
  6. Real Estate Category: +3.6%
    • There is only 1 NPSI constituent in this category, namely: (IIPR) 
  7. Business Services/Consulting Category: -1.1%
    • There is only 1 NPSI constituent in this category, namely: (SHWZ)
  8. Tech & Media Category: -0.8%
    • There is only 1 NPSI constituent in this category, namely: (KERN)
  9. Hemp Products Category: -0.5%
    • The following 2 NPSI constituents are in this category, namely: (CWBHF; cbdMD) 
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Lorimer Wilson 10 months ago Author's comment

Reply to Old Time Investor:

I think there will be only a dozen or so survivors from the current 298 current companies and they will do extremely well. I would play the field aggressively by avoiding individual pot stocks and most of the various cannabis ETFs. One exception is the Horizons Beta Pro Marijuana 2X Daily Bull ETF which will capture the eventual major turnaround in the sector and reap the rewards within the next 3 to 5 years. I do not own this ETF because I won't be around when this happens given my current age and terminal health issues.

Lorimer Wilson 10 months ago Author's comment

Thanks for reading this article. You are now one of the most informed potential pot stock investors anywhere. That being said, what more information would you like to know about the cannabis industry? Also, if you have any constructive criticism of the article please let me know. Thanks.

Old Time Investor 10 months ago Member's comment

What do you see happening in the cannabis market in the next 3 to 5 years?

Lorimer Wilson 10 months ago Author's comment

Check out my site for a fast and easy read - www.munKNEE.com - a financial site for sore eyes and inquisitive minds.