APM Case Study And Trading Recap

Hey, day traders! I’m jumping right into the thick of things with my day trading experience on APM, a stock that turned out to be the MVP of my trading day. Despite lacking a fresh news catalyst, Aptorum (APM)’s performance was nothing short of spectacular. It’s also day two on my journey back to disciplined trading, or as I like to call it, “Trader Rehab.” Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of these rollercoaster couple of days.

APM Takes the Spotlight

Starting my day with the usual scan for potential stock movers, it initially seemed like a slow day was on the horizon with top gappers peaking at a modest 25-30% increase. However, APM quickly shifted the momentum, squeezing its way up by 38% and capturing my attention. Its past performance in March, coupled with its position above the 200 moving average, painted a promising setup. Yet, with no fresh catalyst in sight, the trade was tinged with potential unpredictability. This didn’t stop me, though.

The Rehabilitation Continues

Onward to my second day of “Trader Rehab,” maintaining discipline was key. After a couple of trading days that were not too shabby, yet not spectacular, I was on a mission to tighten my strategies. The goal was simple: stay disciplined, manage risks, and carefully select my trades. APM, with its magnetic pull and hard-to-miss setup, offered a ground for testing these principles.

Crafting the APM Strategy

My first interaction with APM was through a small account, taking a cautious approach with an initial investment at $6 and watching it climb to $7—a good start, but the real test was yet to come. Transitioning to my main account, I increased my share size, attempting to leverage APM’s upward trajectory. This strategic move brought its own set of challenges, leading to an unexpected $78 loss on my first big trade. However, resilience paid off. Adjusting my entries and exits carefully, I managed to climb back. My strategy paid off, as the stock made me a handsome $4053 in profits.

The Gritty Breakdown of APM Trades

Zooming into the APM trade breakdown, the trade was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Despite initial setbacks, I adapted to the stock’s rhythm—trading breakouts, managing dips, and capitalizing on upward movements. Strategically increasing my share size allowed me to buffer my profits, allowing for a promising recovery from the day’s earlier losses. Yet, the volatility of day trading really showed itself here, reminding me of the crucial balance between aggression and caution.

From Adjustments to Weekend Outlook

Adjusting share size proved a pivotal strategy, cautiously scaling up in response to previous successes and the day’s trading climate. The reminder here is stark—risk management is the backbone of day trading. When a week draws to a close, looking ahead involves preparing for the unpredictability of the markets, setting realistic daily goals, and, importantly, maintaining a disciplined approach to each trading day.

Reflecting on these two days, it’s clear that day trading is a journey filled with both remarkable highs and humbling lows. The key takeaway from my APM adventure and “Trader Rehab” saga is the importance of discipline, risk management, and continual learning. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, remember that each day presents new challenges and opportunities. Stay focused, stay disciplined, and happy trading!

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Disclosure: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any stock but is merely an informative article on different trading setups.

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