Boeing Slips Under The Radar

Boeing Benefits From A Busy News Week

Last week was quite a news cycle. Pundits construed the chaos in the capitol the week before as a coup, and the corporate establishment struck back. National Guardsmen were brought into Washington D.C. by the thousands. By the weekend, newly highlighted footage of the Viking helmeted Capitol intruder suggested coup claims were overwrought. 

And Biden's transition team turned its concerns toward the National Guardsmen in the capital. 

Given all that excitement, you might have missed the news out of Indonesia on January 9th: another Boeing (BA) airliner fell out of the sky. Or maybe you saw something and figured it was a follow-up article about the other Boeing airliner that crashed in Indonesia a couple of years ago). 

Maybe It Wasn't Boeing's Fault 

Unlike Lion Air crash in Indonesia in 2018, the plane that crashed earlier this month was a "classic" 737. That is, it wasn't a 737 MAX with the maneuvering software coded in part by $9 dollar per hour Indian contractors. Experts are still working on the black box from this crash. So far, this latest crash has only been fatal to everyone who was on board Sriwijaya Air flight 182, and not to Boeing's share price. 


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In the event revelations about the crash cause Boeing shares to crash, we've posted a couple of hedges for it below. First, a quick note on our ratings of the stock. 

A Top Name In September And November

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Angry Old Lady 1 month ago Member's comment

I would have thought yet ANOTHER Boeing crash would have finished these guys. Even if the planes or situations or even causes are not the same, Boeing planes are becoming very unlucky to fly on!

David Pinsen 1 month ago Author's comment

The benefits of being part of a duopoly. But the Russians and Chinese may have strong competitors soon.