Who Sees Your Tweets?

I woke up this morning and noticed that Elon was still the CEO of Twitter. I went back and looked at his final poll results (see below) and noticed that while @elonmusk has 122,383,027 followers, there were only 17,502,391 votes tallied (a dismal 14.3% response rate). I have to assume that a fair amount of these votes were done by bots and multi-account trolls, which raises the question: How many people saw his tweet?

Asked differently, how is it possible that the most popular, most visible, and most active account on Twitter asks a seemingly existential poll and gets a 14.3% response? At least 38% of my subscribers will open today’s email (it’s a holiday week), and if I put a poll question here, 30-40% of you would respond to it. 14.3%!!!

How many of Elon’s followers are human? How many saw it? Several of my colleagues (who do not follow Elon) voted in the poll, which makes the response rate even worse. How much worse? I have no idea. Just worse! I could make assumptions, but that won’t help anyone. The most important question Elon Musk can ask on Twitter got a 14.3% response rate. If that’s the best Elon can do, how effective do you think your tweets are? I welcome analysis from all of my adtech/martech friends.

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