MasTec In The Connected Age

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When I started investing several years ago I decided to focus on specific areas that I thought would grow rather than take the broad based, generalist approach that many do. The areas I chose are agriculture, oil and gas, home building and healthcare.

Oil and gas pipelaying activities are the reason MasTec (NYSE:MTZ) joined my portfolio but as I learned more about the company I found it also plays an important, albeit hidden, "connectivity" role in my other chosen areas of agriculture, home building and healthcare. More detailed information can be found on the company's website. These activities are headed: Renewable Energy, Electric Power, Oil/Gas, Water/Sewer/Civil, Government, Technology, Communications.

The connectivity with my other investment areas - agriculture, home building and healthcare - are obvious as they all use the necessary basics such as power, water and sewerage but less obvious are those at the leading edge of technology in the rapidly expanding communications sector and that is the part of MasTec's business that sets it apart from most, maybe all, other infrastructure companies.

For example, agriculture is becoming more automated with lighting and heating of undercover crops being remotely monitored and controlled as is indoor and outdoor irrigation. Farm machinery uses navigation and other aids that may soon render human drivers redundant.

Within home building many homes are being fitted with intelligent systems that we can control remotely from our smart phones.

In healthcare, robotic surgery can be conducted by a specialist physician who does not even have to be in the same country as the patient being operated on. Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG) is the world leader in this technology that is barely 20 years old.

These are but a tiny sampling of the myriad developments in the way we live using communications systems that MasTec may have a role in connecting.

While there may be others, I know of no other company with such a broad range of expertise spanning many infrastructure necessities and that can also connect those very different infrastructures as technology develops in the future. And that includes the age old basic necessities such as water and sewerage, the supply and treatment of which is becoming ever more technically advanced.

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Disclosure: I am long MTZ, EQIX more

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James Hanshaw 2 years ago Author's comment

As an addition to my "connected world” - that started with $MTZ - I recently added #Corning, $GLW. Given its latest results I am pleased I did and I think there is a lot more upside both medium and long term with Corning’s fibre optic cable investments. Those investments were not welcomed by the short termers in the stock market but they are now starting to show who was right! James

James Dean Samuels 2 years ago Member's comment

Any updates?

James Hanshaw 2 years ago Author's comment

I have not done an update specifically on MTZ but mentioned them in this article recently

There is a huge amount of oil and gas pipeline building in the US and more needed so I expect MTZ to get a fair share of that to.

Michelle Bell 3 years ago Member's comment

Looking forward to more by you, thanks.

James Hanshaw 3 years ago Author's comment

Hello Michelle, thank you for reading and commenting. I the tried to send a message earlier but have had problems with my computer so do not know if it got sent. I find your profile very interesting. Prior to retirement I had a business strategy consultancy firm specialising in troubled companies. My daughter has followed a different route and is director of sales with a Swiss consultancy company that has some world leading companies as customers. They need someone to take over some of her growing work load. Lot's of international travel involved. Let me know if that is something that might interest you. My email address is jbhanshaw (at)

I hope to write another article soon but my art takes up a lot of time. Bye. James

James Hanshaw 2 years ago Author's comment

Hello Michelle, I mentioned another article of mine in a comment above,

I am also an artist off you are interested in art Bye. James

James Hanshaw 3 years ago Author's comment

My article on MTZ was timely. Following the latest earnings on Thursday, May 4, the share price went up 8% on Friday. I am not taking profits as MTZ has a positive upward path ahead of it for a long period of time. James

James Hanshaw 3 years ago Author's comment

Carol and David and other readers,

Thank you for reading and the comments. I am looking at "connecting" Amphenol, APH, into my portfolio soon and maybe American Towers, AMT, too.

Carol Klein 3 years ago Member's comment

I think you've hit upon a wise investment strategy James Hanshaw. $MTZ

David M. Green 3 years ago Member's comment

Thanks for bringing #MasTec to my attention. Looks like there is some real opportunity here. $MTZ