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Here in America educational system is highly controlled especially at the college level. Nobody gets ahead in economics talking the way I'm talking. The Huffington Post somebody did a study, and it turns out if you want to get ahead in the academy you have to publish. And it turns out that just about all the important economic journals are edited by a president or former employees of the Federal Reserve.

You don't get ahead. So basically, there's a lack of knowledge, and gold is denigrated and so those quotes that you gave from that Financial Times, imagine the Financial Times sponsoring, and I think that documentary, it's called something like, "Dangerous Obsessions"… if you go on YouTube you can search those key words, dangerous obsession… it’s just outrageous that an expert should say it's like pooh. This is really crazy, but that's the level that we have now. When you start talking about gold people pigeon hold you. They say "You must be a gold bug" which is a derogatory statement.

Anyway, as far as the guys who run the mines are concerned they're interested in salaries. They get good salaries. Like I say, very few of them have any skin in the game and that's it. They don't know the vocabulary, they don't know what you're talking about, they defer to the World Gold Council which is basically the world jewelry council. That's been a thorn in my side the whole time I'm at this.

Mike Gleason: Yeah that's I think the conclusion we've drawn as well. There's no great explanation as to why these guys are just sort of completely AWOL when it comes to the suppression schemes. We have had (on our podcast) Keith Neumeyer CEO of First Majestic Silver who is a very outspoken individual when it comes to the manipulation. At least there are some out there that are doing that.

Well Larry, as we begin to close here tell folks how they can get involved or perhaps how they can partner with you in your efforts to help advance sound money policy, other than making a fully tax deductible donation to FAME… which can be done at… talk about what people might do to join in the fight to help restore fiscal responsibility and sound money to our nations monetary policy.

Larry Parks: Well the first thing is they're going to have to invest some of their most valuable resource and that's their time to learn about this. We have on our website, especially the issues summary. It's simple to do, there's a lot of cognitive dissonance here. But we could use introductions, especially introductions to trustees of pension funds. And one of the big opportunities I think to get interest in gold we need to build a constituency for gold in the United States and there is no such constituency today. I think in December it's a proxy for this, the mint sold something like three thousand gold eagles. That's nothing. That's like a tenth of a ton.

To put that into perspective for you, the mines produce about three thousand tons a year and there's roughly two hundred thousand tons above ground. A tenth of a ton is nothing. You know because you're in the business people keep denigrating gold. So really the opportunity to build a constituency is to get gold into pension funds.

I know you know about this Mike, I don't know if your listeners know about it, but we just had three bills that went down in flames in Wyoming. Which were going to compel the state of Wyoming… we had about seventeen representatives out of sixty vote in favor of it. But all of these pension funds are naked. And if these pension funds at least had some gold people would start taking an interest in what's happened here. And what's happened will not stand the light of day. Like I said this is just out and out thievery, stealing from ordinary people their future payments. It's not like they come to your house and take what you have, but really we're on a glide path to Venezuela as I've said.

We could use introductions. If the people can't make a donation refer us to a trustee of a pension fund, any kind of pension fund. And I'm particularly interested in people who run pension funds for organized labor. The reason for that is that organized labor, they employ lobbyists and they have pull. They're the principle victims so they're the ones who could really make a difference here.

Mike Gleason: Well, it's certainly been a great honor to speak with you and we greatly enjoyed the conversation. Keep up the great work. You guys are doing fantastic work there. You've just heard from Larry and how he has dedicated a lot of his life to this effort and it's a very noble one. We certainly appreciate you coming on the Money Metals Podcast, take care Larry.

Larry Parks: A real pleasure, thank you Mike.





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