E Interview With Hellowoofy, The Marketing Startup Driven By AI And Data Science

We had the opportunity to interview Arjun Rai, founder and CEO of HelloWoofy. A marketing platform driven by AI and data science.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and HelloWoofy?

A: As a 4x time founder and small business owner, we knew exactly what it's like being forced to compete against larger competitors with unlimited marketing budgets and resources. We launched the company back in 2016 with a mission to empower every small business owner to compete with a categorically new platform driven by data science saving the needless hours of grunt work in curating, creating, and posting content (often times "winging it" as a marketing strategy). Today, the platform not only helps type content based on your inputs, but also creates content based on your graphics, suggests engaging unique emojis that relate to content in real time, and so much more. Think what it would be like to have your 10 person social media agency work 24/7 and be available at your fingertips...that's HelloWoofy.com. 

Q: How did you get the idea for HelloWoofy?

A: Being a founder of several prior ventures including my own social media agency meant we had a unique perspective into what it means to save small business owners from needless grunt work required by existing platforms (especially the non creative UI often times present on popular marketing dashboards). And so it was time to build a platform from the ground up, categorically new entirely driven by data science...for the price of a cup of coffee a day. Today, supporting thousands of business owners around the world we can say the idea of HelloWoofy has saved customers hours of work every week. 

Q: Your website uses a lot of technical jargon, in simple terms can you give us a real world example of how your product would benefit a typical user.

A: A typical customer, that's also a small business owner, wants to know why a marketing post did really well on social media and why it didn't when creating their next schedule. Fortunately, HelloWoofy helps to create content for the customer, suggest relevant images to use with the post, recommend contextually aware emojis to drive engagement and much more within seconds of the customer starting to type their post. That's right, autocomplete built right into the platform means AI assisting the customer as if they have an entire team of copywriters are their fingertips 24/7. At the end, the customer has a series of posts created that can be used to post with on social media (soon, the same technology will allow customers to type long form articles such as blog posts 20% faster using our autocomplete technology). 

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Danny Straus 1 year ago Member's comment

@[Arjun Rai](user:130236), nice article. Do you think the pandemic has negatively impacted your crowdfunding campaign? Trying to decide if the timing is right to launch my own.

Marcy Brown 1 year ago Member's comment


Barry Glassman 1 year ago Member's comment

I have trouble finding humans who can write good copy. How can you possibly have an AI smart enough to create copy?

Ayelet Wolf 1 year ago Member's comment

Sounds like an impressive company with a bright future. Out of curiosity, @[Arjun Rai](user:130236), what is the significance of the name HelloWoofy? Where did you get the idea from?