E How The World Turns Day After Day After Day

For various reasons periodically, someone asks me how I think things are going around the world and for the last twenty-years my answer has remained the same regardless of the current events at the time.  Now here is my stock response in quotes.

“The world is just fine and getting better day after day after every blessed day.”

Oh, now come on, Jim.  What have you been smoking?  How can you say the world is getting better every day?  What about all the national conflicts going on?  What about global warming?  What about the pandemic?  What about all the poverty, hunger, and thirst in the world?  What about?  What about?  What about?

Well, let me start out by addressing the implication associated with the first point first and then I will get to the other ones.

Yes, I do on occasion smoke something that some people think that I should not be smoking (my bad).  And yes, I do take a prescribed pill every morning to deal with my natural tendency towards depression.  But I swear that neither of those realities has anything to do with my world view.

Consider this.  I was born just a couple of years after the last Great World War (1947).  During the subsequent 73-plus years of my life, never have I felt the world was moving towards another Great War—not even close.  And that includes the four-year period during the “Cold War” when I served as an officer on a U.S. fleet ballistic missile submarine, which carried 160 nuclear warheads, and which could have essentially destroyed a good portion of the world by itself.  “Now man battle stations missile, man battle stations missile.”  Thank you very much.

Consider this.  The United States just elected an exceptionally good man as its President who is determined to take “global warming” and the “pandemic” head on.  And whether you believe it or not, the United States leads the world--pretty much determining how fast it turns.  You can already sense the breath of the fresh air of a new spring where the world’s science, ingenuity, and determination will conquer the global warming and pandemic beasts.  Pollution and virus be damned. 

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William K. 3 weeks ago Member's comment

An interesting point of view here explained. Certainly we have much faster communication between far more people, which may not be quite as wonderful as hoped. Modern word processing can allow even the raging maniac fool to produce a polished tome expressing all of their poisonous hate while having good grammar and perfect spelling. 50 years ago it was easy to pick out the crazy ones because their writings were incoherent strings of poorly spelled bad grammar. So are we really better off because of instant communication? Or in spite of it??

Certainly the big organizations on Wall street are doing quite well, with the federaal reserve doing it's best to help the rich get richer, not minding what the inflation is doing to those with much smaller incomes.