Huya And DouYu – China's Enormous Streaming Market A Promising ESports Play

Video games have always been a passion of mine. I have played some games semi-professionally in the last fifteen years and experienced how competitive my generation is. However, for many people, it is rather strange to watch how other people play. But isn't that what we have been doing for centuries, even millennia? Already the Romans organized gladiator fights with thousands of spectators. Nowadays, soccer is the most-watched sport, so it is definitely not new to watch others playing. Now, there are just other games. The basic requirement to enjoy these is a deep understanding of the games to appreciate the players' performance.

I have this understanding and the necessary insights into many different games. As of today, I am more fascinated when watching eSports compared to typical sports. In the long run, eSports are likely to have higher viewer numbers than physical sports. Hence, there are many years of high growth ahead of us.

For this reason, I have been looking for a suitable investment in this industry for years. I contemplated many game manufacturers, but they are too dependent on the success of individual titles. Therefore they have very volatile sales numbers because it is tough to predict which game will be the next big hit. Hence, these companies are out of the question.

$HUYA & $DOYU Merger proposed by Tencent