Germany And Nuclear Energy

Let’s start with the bottom line, or what I usually call 'The Message:'

While Germany might temporarily abandon nuclear facilities located in Germany, there will never be a comprehensive nuclear retreat  -- at least as long as German voters prefer a higher to a lower standard of living. Put another way, for every kilowatt of nuclear-based power lost because of temporary nuclear closures that might take place in the largest economy in Europe, another will probably be obtained from somewhere else in Europe, sooner or later.

Notice the two words temporarily and probably in the above paragraph. "Temporarily" means that in the long-run the massive disinformation campaign that Chancellor Merkel and others have launched -- or will launch -- to influence voters in her country and elsewhere to accept the unacceptable, will eventually cease to generate politically acceptable results. 

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As for "probably", this has to do with some logic taught in Economics 101, because an increase in electricity/energy imports by Germany will likely bring about a welfare loss in all of Europe, with the catalyst for this misfortune being a general rise in energy prices.

I look forward to the day when Chancellor Merkel or one of her academic foot soldiers provides modest teachers of energy economics like myself with a description of how her energy ambitions were thwarted by impatient voters, who will eventually reject her absurd intentions to find a replacement for nuclear-based electricity. In such a book or lecture I hope that I will also encounter a reference to rogue economists, know-it-all nuclear shills, and busybodies who fail to share her grotesque vision of the optimal strategy for increasing Germany's "competitive advantage," and who in addition, reject the nuclear (and energy) gospel preached by true believers such as engineering Professor Neven Duic of Zagreb University (Croatia).

Social Benefits And Costs

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Ferdinand E. Banks 6 years ago Author's comment

I dont really need any comments because I have all the answers when the issue is nuclear, but let me Point out that a few years ago when I published articles on nuclear, I received comments that reached a new level of stupidity and ignorance.

Can it really be that persons are getting the message about nuclear. Well, eventually they will do exactly that, and the sooner the better. And please allow me to repeat: by mid-Century Germany and Japan will probably be the most nuclear intensive countries in the World.