Chinese AI Chasing OpenAI

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I’ve just finished reading (yet another) article about OpenAI’s dominance in conversational AI and how Chinese companies are frantically trying to catch up. I’m not sure why reporters are making such a big deal about who is ahead today; this is an arms race and – on any given day – someone, somewhere will have a temporary advantage. Today, Baidu is chasing OpenAI, but it’s probably going to play out something like this:


EXT. CITY STREETS – DAY. Baidu, a leading Chinese tech company, is racing through the busy city streets, chasing after OpenAI, the top AI company in the U.S. OpenAI is fast and agile, creating obstacles in Baidu’s way, knocking over trash cans and toppling boxes as they run.

Baidu quickly navigates around the obstacles and continues the pursuit, determined to catch up with OpenAI. They turn a corner and come across a crowded market street. OpenAI sprints through the market, causing chaos and pushing people out of its way.

Baidu weaves through the stalls and dodges the panicked shoppers, getting closer and closer to OpenAI. OpenAI grabs a crate of fruit and tosses it in Baidu’s path, causing it to stumble and fall.

Baidu quickly gets back on its feet and continues the chase, never giving up. They run through a narrow alley, where OpenAI tries to jump over a fence. Baidu is quick to react, grabbing OpenAI’s “ankle” and pulling it down to the ground.

OpenAI struggles to get up, but Baidu holds it down and “handcuffs” it, finally catching up and surpassing OpenAI.


The same scene repeats with the character’s roles reversed. The obstacles vary, but the outcome is the same.


By the way, the above miniature screenplay was written entirely by ChatGPT from the prompt: Write a short movie script describing Baidu (the Chinese tech company) chasing OpenAI (the leading U.S. AI company) on foot through the city streets. OpenAI does everything he can to put obstacles in Baidu’s way. OpenAI topples boxes, knocks over things, etc. Please follow traditional film or video script format. This scene has no dialog. When the chase is completed, reverse the character’s roles and repeat. This scene repeats forever.

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